Kidney Health Supplements

Kidney disease can be brought on by various agents external towards the body, or because of other health conditions.

Toxins and medicines, chemotherapy substances, heavy metals, solvents, venom of insects, snakes or poisonous mushrooms, in addition to pesticides, can cause kidney damage. One of the diseases that also damage the standard functioning of this organ are diabetes, liver affectations, hypertension and lupus.

Measurement of urine creatinine and it is clearance test is a common method to see whether the kidneys are working properly. This organic compound comes from creatine, a nutrient within the muscles.

Knowing 5 supplements for kidney health is extremely beneficial. Without healthy kidneys you might develop a urinary tract infection, kidney stones, kidney infection, or perhaps in some cases kidney failure. If kidney failure occurs, enduring dialysis and/or a transplant could be the only options.

Lemon Juice: Real fresh lemon juice, not lemon flavoring, is an extremely simple supplement for kidney health. The acid that’s naturally in lemon juice might help break up kidney stones. It may also prevent the formation of stones. Fresh lemon juice is also a natural antiseptic, that is useful in kidney health because it many assist in preventing bacteria from forming within the kidneys and causing contamination.

Vitamin B6: All “B” vitamins are healthy and good for the kidneys. Vitamin B6 is more valuable in particular, because it helps in lowering urinary oxalate. Urinary oxalate may be the main ingredient in some stones. If vulnerable to that type of stone, this can be a great method of prevention. A vitamin B6 deficiency could be the cause of kidney stones in some cases.

Vitamin C: This vitamin is useful for the immune system, as well as kidney health. Vitamin C works well for the prevention of uric acid crystal kidney stones. A good way to get more vitamin C is by consuming grapes, oranges, carrots, juices, and vitamin C supplements.

Aloe Vera Juice: This kind of juice can reduce the size of a kidney stone. Additionally, it may prevent the formation of stones. Aloe Vera juice is proven to be an anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti- bacterial supplement. It’s a very beneficial supplement for great overall kidney health, along with the relief of pain from a kidney stone.

Horsetail: Commonly present in pill form, this supplement can be used primarily as a diuretic, which rids your body of excess fluids, by enhancing the output of urine. Increased urine output is really a staple for good kidney health.


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