Best Beaches in USA


A country which famous for its power and large entertainment industry. Beside well-known for its dominant role within the world’s influences, this country also has many popular tourist destinations. Every year tourism in the United States serves countless the domestic and international tourists. Using the land area about 9.6 million square kilometers, America of America is a large country in The united states which has many attractions for tourists from around the globe. Starts from natural wonders, historical buildings, landmarks, big cities, museums, until beautiful beaches exist as the perfect places for the vacation.

South Beach, (Florida)

South Beach is just one of a dream place for the beach lovers. South Beach is found in the southern part of Miami Beach, Florida. This beautiful beach includes a pristine sand which welcomes one to enjoy the impressive moments within this place. The sunshine and soft pristine sand would be the main attractions which will force you to arrived at this place. Besides popular as an attractive beach, South Beach can also be famous as the hotspot in Miami, and well-known for its nightlife. And those are simply few among reasons why the South Beach of Miami is recognized as one of the symbol of richness, fame and classy. At the South Beach, what you want to get is suit using what will you spend.

Siesta Beach (Sarasota, Florida)

Counted one of the top white sand beaches in the world, Siesta Beach makes its presence in the quality of sand. It renowned for clear and calm shores. You are able to jog, play volleyball, or perhaps enjoy going there for any picnic – whatever you do, you’ll enjoy yourself for sure. You can have a calm dinner or can savor the food in beach side restaurants and cafes. You are able to involve yourself in the magical beats from the Siesta Key Drum Circle with tribal dancers and belly dancers. Go through the magic and the calmness of the beautiful place.

Cape Hatteras (Outer Banks, New york)

Cape Hatteras Beach is located in the Hatteras Island that is in the Atlantic Ocean and goes parallel towards the coast of North California. Her Pamlico Sound which is the largest lagoon on the planet. The sunset is one of the must see attractions from the Pamlico Sound. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, in Buxton, may be the tallest lighthouse in America, measuring 198.5 ft (63 m). You may enjoy fishing, swimming, or rest, things are safe here. But remember to not go into the water when it is dark since there are a danger of sharks. Go for the entire day or a weekend and be sure to try and catch the rented plane experience with watching the island from top, it will likely be one of the best memories of the trip.

Coronado Beach (North park, California)

Coronado Beach is located cruising side of Coronado Island, that is south to Naval Air Station. You may enjoy the whole day swimming, sailing, bodyboarding, or simply falling asleep in the sun. Apart from these, you may also play beach volleyball, or enjoy kite flying, tide pool exploration, etc. If you’re passionate about photography, there are lots of items to enjoy and click pictures of, the gorgeous scenery and flora being one of several.

Coopers Beach (Southampton, New York)

Cooper Beach may be the main beach in the Southampton village. It’s probably the most famous beach for clean, secure and delightful environment. It has an attractive Atlantic shoreline close to 500 feet, stretching for about 7 miles where one can enjoy the sunset and sunrise with proper lifeguards. It features a good atmosphere for families in addition to groups of friends. Although the place is crowded, you may still enjoy the atmosphere and the water. Additionally, it keeps history lovers busy using the historical facts and things, for example Southampton was the first settlement in Ny and was founded in 1649. You may enjoy the water, rest, play and have a sunbath, and you can rest assured that it will likely be an amazing experience.

Main Beach (East Hampton, Ny)

Main Beach is one of the beaches within the Hampton village. As fishing and kayaking is allowed in just some areas, you can see swimmers of every age group enjoying and swimming with fun. Here you could have proper safety with lifeguards always working. If you are planning to go then do not miss the fireworks show that are takes place every year on Labor Day weekend. So, benefit from the white sand and have fun to the fullest. 



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