Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband


Selecting a birthday gift for husband might end up being quite simple during the initial many years of your marriage, but, as time marches on by, you will notice the same task getting difficult, every year. This usually happens because you’ve already gifted him everything he likes on his previous birthdays with eventual birthdays, there are fewer things that you should buy. However, here are a few birthday gift ideas for husband he will surely love.


Perfume is the greatest gift for a husband from his wife regardless of the event is so why no on his birthday? You are able to give him a bottle of perfume set having body spray also. Some perfume with different fragrances is the best gift for the husband in such a way he remember you every time when he will smell the perfume. You have to be aware of his choice in fragrances which means you are suggested to select the one that is most favorite to him.

Silk Tie

This gift idea is ideal for husbands who are office going. In case your husband likes to wear pant coat and suit he then will surely love to have variety of ties so a silk tie would be the best gift for him since it is useable for him. In case your husband is a retired person this gift will make him live the times of his office as he used to wear tie so this gift is going to be perfect for husbands of any age.

Trip plan

Because of busy life we don’t have leisure time for you to spend with each other so planning for a trip on his birthday is a great gift from you for him. Don’t inform him when you are planning. Keep it a big secret. While choosing trip place, keep the husband’s choice in mind whether he likes mountains, plain areas, etc. This trip might be much more expensive and if you haven’t enough money or never wish to goes out of your budget then. You may also make picnic plans and go ahead and take cooked things with you on your own but keep in mind that you must cook his favorite food.

Book of his Choice

In case your husband likes to study books or any other study material then you may purchase a gift for him that he hasn’t read. If you don’t have any idea about his choice in book reading a perfect gift idea is to provide him a gift card that he can use to purchase book of his choice. Accompany this gift card having a birthday wish card from you to express your warm feeling for him.

Portfolio Bag

This gift idea will certainly make you see a spark in your husband’s face if he is a workplace going person and he requires a portfolio bag. This idea works even if he has such bag already. This get this to gift more personal, you may write few love notes for him and hang the letters in the portfolio bag where he’ll place his documents. Consider the time when he will open the bag to create his documents and he can come up with the love notes for him. It will likely be a simple and practical gift but romantic too.

Candle Light Dinner

Mostly males are fond of eating different and new dishes therefore if your husband also likes to eat. Candle light dinner is the greatest gift for your husband. Send your son or daughter to their friend or grandparents since it is the moment which couples enjoy spending only with each other without any disturbance. Set an attractive table for him and prepare his favorite food. Enlighten some candles around the table and spread some flowers petals around the table to give romantic touch towards the environment. In this way you can recall the cruise while eating food that you simply relish.


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