Popular Vacation Destinations In China

Over the years China has really exposed to the Western world. This means that vacations in China do not really have to be taken only in Beijing. For individuals who want to spend time in this fascinating land, vacation packages at inexpensive price points are being offered by a growing number of travel agencies. Therefore visiting China has become increasingly popular. A location that was once hidden in the Western world is now open to vacation travelers.

For individuals who plan to spend their vacations in China there are plenty of sightseeing attractions at a number of destinations across the country. The Beijing-Xian-Shanghai tour is easily the most common tour package that the majority of tourists purchase. You get to discover and obtain a glimpse of the historical town of Beijing with this tour package. You may also get a tour of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda in Xian, Terracotta Army and lastly explore cosmopolitan Shanghai’s shopping streets.

Monuments and historical sights such as the Summer Palace, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, the nation’s Museum and the main attraction, the truly amazing Wall, all make the country’s capital of Beijing very popular. In order to learn about the culture and history of the nation, the National Museum has a lot of materials which are worth seeing. The Opera within the capital city is where you can get an idea of roast duck, the special delicacy from the place.

Beijing – Capital of China:

Most widely used vacations in China begin in Beijing due to the fact it seems logical to advance from north to south through China. The undeniable fact that Beijing has such a insightful suitable sites contributes to this phenomenon and therefore most tours available start with at least 3 days here. Probably the most flexible arrangement happens when the very best sites are included, and additional nights could be booked prior to the tour for people who want to see more.

It’s been the heart and soul of politics and society throughout its long history. Beijing’s long and illustrious history starts approximately 500,000 in the past. It is here that the ancestors of recent Homo sapiens, Peking men, lived in caves. Records demonstrate that Beijing has been an inhabited city more than three thousand years and has survived invasions, devastating fires, dynasties, warlords, Anglo-French troops, and it has emerged every time as a strong and vibrant city. More than 800 years, Beijing will be a capital city – from Yuan Dynasty towards the Ming and Qing dynasties. Thirty-four emperors were living and ruled from Beijing and it’s been an essential trading city from earliest days. Although now Beijing is modern, fashionable and full of 21st century vitality, you can experience authentic Beijing life fully familiarize “old Beijing” by going through the many tea houses, Hutongs, temple fares, Beijing operas, courtyards and cross-talks.

Shanghai- China’s Largest City:

Shanghai lacks the long reputation Beijing but definitely represents the near future in China. Visitors are usually drawn to the older parts (the Bund, Yuyuan Gardens, in france they Concession, Zhujiajiao etc) but additionally enjoy the views in one of the modern towers (Jinmao Tower, Oriental Tower, World Financial Centre etc). A good way to link these two contrasting themes is always to visit the Urban Planning Museum in People’s Square. May possibly not sound exciting but actually does a fantastic job of presenting Shanghai because it was and just how it will be.

A night time cruise on the Huangpu River allows excellent views from the city lights; an extended version towards the mouth of the Yangtse can be obtained only within the afternoon. The Shanghai Acrobats are also a common evening attraction.

Hong Kong – The Oriental London:

Theoretically speaking, Hong Kong is a Semi-Autonomous Region (SAR) and, as a result, it’s its own currency and visa regulations. However, it undoubtedly counts just like a popular destination for a holiday in China and never only because of its excellent flight connections.

Since Hong Kong is pretty expensive it is more usual that time and services here are more limited; often merely a hotel room with breakfast. This really is fine because there are many options and each individual is prone to want to do different things. It’s also very simple to get around with English signs by the bucket load.


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