Phuket’s Most Popular Beaches


Phuket island has some of the best beaches in Thailand, having a variety of beaches to match all preferences. Tropical blue water as well as soft whitened sands round the island allow it to be an ideal destination to spend a relaxing holiday.

Kamala Beach

Since Kamala Beach is simply next door to Patong, it’s not surprising that it’s physically much like it — it’s in a large, pretty bay and it has warm water and white sand, also it faces west so there are wonderful sunsets to be witnessed. Kamala, however, is nowhere close to crowded as Patong and doesn’t have a similar reputation as a party beach. Hotels are usually a little more upscale and family oriented. Just a little farther away from the beach is Kamala Village, that has more inexpensive accommodation options.

Surin Beach

Northern Phuket’s most widely used beach is Surin Beach, which to date retains a relaxed, family friendly atmosphere regardless of the non-stop development going on on the island. Though this small beach far less crowded and developed compared to beaches in Phuket, Surin has a good choice of mostly higher end restaurants and hotels, including hipster favorite Twin Palms. At night there are bars and even a jazz club that open directly on the beach. Shopping along with other nightlife options are more limited on Surin, though there’s a small selection of shops and boutiques.

Nai Thon Beach

Nai Thon Beach, near to the airport, might be as close as Phuket reaches deserted. The beach belongs to the Sirinat National Park and there is much less development here than you’ll find on every other beach on the island. You will find very few amenities and without any hawkers right on the beach, that is paradise for some visitors and absolute torture for other people. The water is warm and also the sand, though golden instead white, is neat and soft. If you visit Nai Thon, you may also camp at the National Park right on the beach.

Karon Beach

Around the southern part of the island is another large, pretty beach with great views and tepid to warm water. Like Kamala Beach, it’s not quite as common as Patong so it’s a little quieter and fewer hectic, though there are jetskis and other loud diversions here, too. Karon, and Karon Village directly behind it, still have plenty of restaurants and hotels and guest houses, though, which means you don’t even have to leave the area should you don’t want to.

Kata Beach

Kata Beach is actually two adjacent beaches – Kata Noi and Kata Yai and both of them are more laid back and quiet compared to island’s more popular beaches. There are no big developments or hotels on either beach so despite the fact that there is a good selection accommodations, the beaches feel less crowded and also the view behind the beach is a touch nicer. In the cliffs surrounding Kata are several hotels and very casual bars.

Nai Harn Beach

Way down close to the southern tip of Phuket is small, secluded Nai Harn Beach. Although the beach doesn’t quite face west, there are several karst rock formations off the coast which increase the scenic view. The area immediately surrounding Nai Harn isn’t very developed so you will need to venture out of the area for any shopping or nightlife activities. If you’re thinking about surfing, check out Nai Harn Beach during rainy season, but quote that the waves can get quite treacherous in those days of year.

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