Living Room Furniture Design

A small living room space can be a difficult interior to create. Irregular dimensions, low


ceilings, or little sun light are all challenges that the most experienced interior designers struggle with from project to project. Furniture rental isn’t just a cost effective solution to your design needs, but additionally gives you plenty of choices in working with your living room. Here are some tips on how to incorporate furniture rental to your living room in order to utilize your space as effectively as you possibly can.

Chairs and sofas

These are perhaps the most significant pieces of furniture in your drawing room and it’s pertinent they suit your space. However, you have to measure your space beforehand in front of buying such furniture. They must ‘t be too small or too big. Ideally, draw the ground plan. Make a sketch from the room, preferably on a graph paper using appropriate measurements. Put the chairs and the sofa at different spots to look at what appears the most visually pleasing as well as leaves enough space for accommodating flow of traffic.

Coffee table

They are practical pieces of furniture, mostly available at the center of a conversation area. While choosing one, remember that the height of the chair should be lower than the height of the chairs or sofas around it. People seating round the coffee table must be able to lean and get or put down a drink sans getting out of bed from the seat. Besides, there has to be enough of leg room between your table and the seats.

Side tables

Well, side tables are mainly an afterthought. The number of such tables you’ll need would depend on how much seating you’ll require. All of your guests must be able to seat comfortably and cannot be required to get up to fetch a glass or two. The side tables must be ideally placed beside sofas. The answer is to have enough open space within the room without the furniture being pushed to some corner. Side tables ought to be of the same height of the seating position from the sofa.


Rugs, also referred to as carpets, are a nice method of defining a seating area. However, the largest mistake that people usually make is purchasing a rug that’s too small for the living room. Ensure that all the furniture of your living room must be in a position to sit comfortably on the carpet. If there’s a paucity of space, be sure that the front legs of the larger furniture are put on the rug. The smaller pieces, such as the side tables and chairs, should ideally have the four legs on the carpet.

Living room accessories

After you have your living room furniture in place, it is very important to spare a concept about the accessories. You are likely to have the usual ones such as the television, music system, artwork window treatments etc. adorning your living space. In fact, give the same importance towards the accessories as you would have done in the situation of the living room furniture. The accessories often assume a larger importance than the furniture because the televisions and electrical gadgets need a position near the electric supply and can’t be moved.

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