Modern Interior Design and Decorating


Modern living room reflects aesthetic sense and elegance of home owner. The living room has a tendency to have straight lines and offers high comfort level. This room results in a clutter free space in your house. Low level furniture, soft furnishing, pastel colors, space-saving modern furniture give modern touch towards the beauty of room. All these accessories offer welcoming atmosphere for your living. A modern style living is eye caching and compliments towards the interior of the room.

Modern Living Room Furniture

Modern living room includes straight line furniture with no carving and gives relaxation towards the visitors. This type of furniture has no ornate decoration and also the room furniture is upholstered to provide softness to the room. Sofa, accent chairs, loveseats, coffee table, end table, modern TV stand and entertainment center are a few essentials of modern living room. Wicker furniture and ottomans will also be in trend and give warmth and welcoming feel for your living room. To enhance the look of modern living room you can place a plant container in a single corner of the room.

Modern Living Room Lighting

Wall scones, ceiling mounted lights, easy and elegant chandelier enhance the décor of the modern living room. You can also choose fitting from the light that matches with the type of living room. Floor lamps also decorate your living room in modern style. Select a light that adds a spacious feel towards the room. Ceiling lights for example pendants and floor lamps with steel finishing looks very beautiful in modern living room.

Modern Living Room Color

White, creams, neutral colors simply represent modern style inside your living room. You can also choose wall color that suits with your living room furniture, rugs, wall hangings, picture frames. Bright colors for example red, purple and blues add vibrant and warm ambiance to modern living room while white and creams, some pastel colors add cool ambience. You are able to paint ceiling in light colors as light color ceiling appears to be high.

Modern Bedroom Style

In order to provide a modern look to a bedroom, you can test a couple of things from the ideas below. Place low-level bed with two side tables and lamps. You may also keep sculptures, paintings on walls, ottomans, lights like a big chandelier, wall papers and rugs. A dresser with stylish chair adds more elegant touch towards the room.

Modern Living Room Style

Living room reflects beauty contents and aesthetic feeling of house owner. In modern style you are able to arrange living room furniture with sofas, armchairs, coffee table, dining table, chairs, wall accents, TV units, bookcases, ottomans along with other decorative items. Put a few bright colors candles in funky candle holders to provide your living room modern appearance. 


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