Birthday Scrapbook Layout Ideas

Birthdays are one time of the entire year when a person is most joyful. Not just is the


birthday boy/girl joyful, but people around him/her are pleased to be part of the celebrations. A typical concern which most of you’d connect with during these happy hours may be the task of looking for a perfect birthday gift. However, thankfully it isn’t truly the gift, but the thought that counts. So, no need of expensive and lavish luxurious gifts – an easy and fun way to solve this issue is to make a which the birthday boy/girl would remember for some time. Why you should do this? Because, it’s personal, it will have photos and letters and little items which he/she can connect with. It shows an individual how much you have cared about his/her life, the folks involved and small memories. Using the world going the techno way, you are able to, today, digitalize all the pages of the scrapbook and stick them together to really make it in the form of a book too.

We plan the gifts based on the age, likes, wants and desires of the birthday boy or girl. Birthday scrapbook ideas are unique and many expressive ways to show love and choose to our loved ones.

Ideas for birthday scrapbook are intricately planned while you don’t want to miss out on any memory which brings out a smile. Though you don’t have to spend big bucks on scrapbook ideas, they assist you create a priceless treasure to become cherished for life.

Birthday Scrapbook Page Ideas

The birthday scrapbook can be created interesting by decorating the web pages with creative ideas and thoughts. The birthday scrapbook page ideas include, utilizing a theme, say of the person’s favorite flower or color. For instance, if the person is fond of roses and loves the colour yellow, decorate the birthday scrapbook page using cuttings of yellow rose or sticking the photos and letters on the page printed with yellow roses. Similar ideas does apply in case of other favorites, for example fruits, games, favorite actors or sportsmen, etc. Decorate the web pages using embellishments and other colorful decorative craft supplies making your scrapbook stand out.


It is very important that you know how to layout the photos and also the little knickknacks that you have collected for that scrapbook. Usually on the cover, a sizable photo of the person can be tied to smaller one round the corners. You may make cut out of windows with some goodies under them. It might be good to include the birthday boy/girl’s name somewhere or even a picture of a cake if at all possible.


Each page of the scrapbook could be color coordinated (like bright colors alternately) or contrasted with one another as you wish. Bright colors usually spread happiness and all things in the book gets lightened up. If you wish to use lighter colors, then add ribbons and pastel shade of buttons or some hand painting to go with it with.


Within the inside pages you can use a variety of themes and letters. If you would like your scrapbook entirely filled with pictures, make a collage of all the birthday boy/girl’s favourite places and individuals and stick them in. Otherwise, you could dedicate a few pages to his/her grandfather or best friend or teacher to share how they feel. In between, you could include glitter, sparkle and all the dazzling stuff to enliven in the pages. Sometimes people go ahead and take more fun aspect of the situation and add crazy photos and also the fun times they’ve shared together. You can dedicate a few pages for this as well. Use some artistic talents of others, be it painting or sketching and add these to the pages.


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