Small living room furniture ideas


Small living room ideas are about some fresh ideas for the small living room with the best arrangement for the small living room you can even create the larger effect. You could create the neat and sleek living room using the perfect choice for the living room furniture in easy and futuristic design. So, you may choose particular kinds of wonderful and futuristic furniture which could always giving the best performance for that overall look of your living room.

Furniture Placement

Place furniture in a fashion that it does not obstruct traffic or consume too much space. Avoid using furnishings which are too big or bulky to increase your small living room’s footprint. Go for furnishings with clean lines. Keep just the major items needed for the area to function well. A standard sofa measuring 76 inches long works if you put it against the wall, preferably facing a window. Avoid tufted sofas that appear bulky. Instead of using a love seat to complement the sofa, choose a couple of club chairs instead. Choosing solid-color upholstery instead of heavily patterned ones helps make the look less busy. Using furnishings that may multitask keeps the number of pieces low. For example, instead of using a big square coffee table, choose a medium rectangular ottoman with storage that may double as seating.

Wall Colors

Selecting a light, neutral palette helps make the room seem bigger while dark solids make the room look cave-like. If you want to use bold colors, rely on them on art pieces and accessories instead. Make one of the 4 walls a focal wall by painting it having a different color. Add stripes to produce an illusion of more space. A narrow space appear wider using the addition of horizontal stripes while an area that has low ceilings looks taller with vertical stripes.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

Furniture that handles two different functions is perfect in a room with only a little space. An ottoman with storage is a example. You can store toys, remotes, magazines or any other items in the ottoman while also utilizing it as seating. Two ottomans pushed along with trays on top serve as a coffee table if not used for seating. A window seat is really a similar option when constructed with storage inside. A window seat takes advantage of the little space by a window that would otherwise go unused.


Built-in shelving takes advantage of surfaces without taking up a lot of valuable space on the floor. The shelving creates lots of storage for books, toys, games along with other relevant activities for the living room. For those who have a small nook in the living room that does not work well for a piece of furniture, build in a tiny bookshelf or desk for any small, custom workspace. Add lighting towards the area to brighten it making the overall room feel larger.

Urban Style

For that modern urban-style living room look, try dark brown or shiny black wood finishes. Think metals, glass and ceramics as accent pieces. Decorate with traditional leather sofas and sectionals and tables made of wood and metal. In case your living room space is especially small, consider without sofa at all. Place arm chairs, club chairs, patio chairs and love seats in various sizes and numbers around a focus like a fireplace, TV or perhaps a leather ottoman serving double duty like a coffee table. Use plenty of pillows in various textures and colors. Display pop art around the walls. Pick up living room pieces produced in Belgium, Italy and Scandinavia.



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