Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Wife

Valentine’s Day and most of the husbands are confused in regards to what gifts should they present their wife with. It’s a special day in the life of every man, your day when he remembers to tell his beloved just how much she means to him. It’s the day when love is actually in the air and he can thank his better half for the love and support she gives him. Thus, it’s understandable that guys wish to pick the right present, which conveys their feelings perfectly. It’s with the aim of helping these kinds of guys that we have written this short article. Browse further and explore the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas for wife, which are sure to bring a grin on her face.

Carved Candle

Buy a candle that has your wife’s favorite scent. Make use of a sharp knife to carve the candle right into a heart shape with a flat bottom into it, so it stands on its own. If you cannot carve the candle right into a shape, use a sharp resist carve several heart shapes in to the surface of the candle. Round the candle carve the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” combined with the current year. To add an individual touch, include how many years you’ve been married.

Personalized Coupon Books

Instead of purchasing pre-printed “love coupons” bought from stores, create your own. Either manually or using a word processor, create different coupons that the wife can redeem throughout every season. Glue them onto note cards; attach them by punching an opening in each one and tying them together.

Coupons could include things to do together such as dinner at her favorite restaurant, an open-air picnic in the park, going to a movie of her choice together, or having you cook her meals at home. The coupons is also for special favors for example cleaning the house or watching the children so she will go out on her own. You can even leave several blank for her to complete.


Writing a poem may appear a little silly, but it may impress your spouse with your creativity and your capability to express your feelings for her. Help make your poem something your wife can help to save for years by printing it on high-quality paper stock and getting a frame in which to present it.


One of the best valentinegifts for the wife would be a piece of jewelry. Whether it’s a diamond ring, a heart-shaped pendant or a platinum bracelet, your spouse is surely going to love adorning herself using the special Valentine’s Day jewelry.


The association between ladies and chocolates goes far back over time. So, this Valentine’s Day, gift you wife having a box of her favorite, assorted chocolates. If she doesn’t mind obtaining a little drunk, a box of liqueur chocolates may also work to your advantage.

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