Eco Friendly Bedroom Furniture

Eco friendly bedroom furniture can be made from some quite interesting materials, but the fact is that you don’t absolutely need to look for different kinds of materials to make sure that the furniture in the bedroom is environmentally friendly.

The fact is that by ensuring that you’re buying wood furniture that comes from tree farms, you do your part to be eco friendly. Exactly why this is an eco friendly choice is since the trees that come from tree farms in many cases are replenished.

People are very much careful concerning the interior design style of their homes as well as are extremely much careful about the environment. Bedroom is where where we spend very beautiful moments with this loved ones. They must be designed with environmentally friendly bedroom furniture which gives a modern, stylish and functional turn to the room. This type of furniture will blow an all natural breeze in your room and provides you the feeling of being close towards the nature. The eco friendly furniture may be the best way to save as well as cherish environmental surroundings.

Walls and Floors

Traditional paints can establish harmful emissions. Volatile organic compounds evaporate, releasing chemicals in to the air. Choose to update the bedroom with low-VOC or no-VOC paint, that is available in the same colors as conventional paint. Splash the walls having a sage green, sunny yellow or relaxing lavender color to advertise the feeling of relaxation and harmony. If you’re replacing the room’s flooring, go with eco-friendly carpet designed with fabric made out of recycled water bottles, or flooring created using reclaimed wood or a renewable resource for example bamboo and natural cork. Add a pop of color towards the space using vibrantly hued tile constructed of recycled glass.


Refresh current bedroom furniture instead of buying new items. Don’t send good what to the landfill if you can update all of them with a little creativity. Cover a gouged wooden desk or chair with some coats of non-toxic paint for an instant upgrade. Repurpose stacked luggage right into a creative nightstand or turn a classic wooden door into a rustic headboard for any bed. If you are crafty, make your own bed pillows and chair cushions using old curtains, quilts or fabric scraps. Transform an antique storage chest right into a comfortable end-of-the-bed seat using foam padding and ornamental material. Use potted plants as natural home air cleaners.


For a healthy, eco-friendly sleeping space, use bedding created using all-natural fibers, such as bamboo and cotton, instead of synthetic materials. Choose an organic cotton sheet set and comforter. Growers avoid using pesticides or chemical fertilizers on organic cotton. It’s not necessary to sacrifice comfort for sustainability, as organic bedding will come in luxurious high thread counts and silky finishes comparable to their conventional counterparts. Since you spend a great deal of time in your bed, pick eco-friendly pieces like a mattress free of polyurethane foam and fire retardants. Choose a mattress made of latex foam instead. Locate a bed frame and headboard made of bamboo, that is a renewable resource, rather than tropical hardwoods harvested from rainforests.

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