Styles and Ideas for Japanese Bedroom

A traditional Japanese bedroom is renowned for its minimalist style, having clean lines and little if any furniture and accessories. This style, which emerged in Japan as soon as the 14th century, may also be referred to as “Zen,” the Japanese word that describes the sensation of being in a meditative state. Its rule in design is to use only what’s necessary. Today, a bedroom might be designed in the Japanese style in several ways to create your own peaceful retreat.

Color Scheme

Traditionally, a Japanese-style bedroom will make use of neutral colour for example white, cream, beige and brown. These shirt is used for the walls and accessories within the bedroom. However, if you’re not targeting a traditional Japanese bedroom, you are able to incorporate pops of colour, for example with colour on the walls or even the bedding that you choose. Contemporary Japanese bedrooms might even be painted in pale shades of green or blue. Likewise, walls covered in natural-fibre wallpaper for example grass cloth may be used in Japanese design.


The furnishings that is typically used in Japanese culture is near to the ground to give it a centered feel. Your bed you use for your Japanese-style bedroom ought to be as low as possible. Additionally, any furniture that you employ for your bedroom should have a purpose–Japanese style dictates the room be as minimalist as you possibly can. If a piece of furniture doesn’t have a use, it does not have a place in a Japanese bedroom.


To begin with, the furniture in your Japanese bedroom may serve as decoration. Each article of furniture ought to be as multi-purpose as possible. One purpose might be decoration–to keep in the Japanese style, ensure your bed and any other furniture are geometrically pleasing towards the eye. For example, your bed may have a headboard of polished wood with geometric shapes. Also, furniture can contrast along with other furniture in the room–you don’t need to possess a matching set.

Other decorative elements inside a Japanese-style bedroom should be sparse and frequently consist of natural materials like wood, bamboo and rice paper. You are able to decorate your bed or any chairs or benches within the room with silk cushions or use silk curtains for that windows, but the walls typically have the freedom of decoration except for a couple of choice framed pictures or artworks, preferably right above the bed.


Traditionally, Japanese bedding is white. However, modern Japanese designs sometimes use black bedding. A combination of white sheets and a black or colored throw is suitable. If you’re not designing in the traditional Japanese style, you should use bedding with Japanese prints for example bamboo or “sakura,” that are Japanese flowering cherry blossoms. You may even find bedding with traditional Japanese prints like the “seigaiha,” a wave crest, and “bangasa,” a classic Japanese-style umbrella.


You may want to separate a place with a shoji screen, which is traditionally made from wood and pulp rice paper. For those who have bedside tables, you can use shoji lamps, or put the lamps on the floor. Your walls might be decorated with Japanese scrolls, hand fans or reproductions of Japanese woodblock prints, referred to as “ukiyo-e.” Other decorative items ideal for a Japanese bedroom are bonsai plants and kimono robes. When making with accessories for a Japanese bedroom, make sure to keep things at a minimum. You won’t want to have all these accessories in a single bedroom.


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