African Decor and Decorating

If you’re of African or African-American descent or just love the colors and styles of African interior decor, chances are you’ve been looking for a few pieces to increase a room in your home. There are a number of decorative accents to select from for any area in the house which will suit your tastes and preferences.


To brighten the wall with African living room decor, things like wood-carved masks and framed prints by African artists are perfect. If you want to adorn the dinning table or a coffee table, choose things like an authentic woven basket full of African lilies. You can also choose different kinds of African-inspired lamps to serve as the decorative pieces within the room; lampshades with African print or lamps having a post shaped like an African symbol will stick out in your African-themed room.


To celebrate your African heritage, you will want some artistic pieces in your house that are also of special significance. For example, if your family belongs to the Masai tribe of Kenya, you might want to display the colorful masks worn by tribe members as paintings in your home. If you’ve discovered that your ancestors belonged towards the Zulu tribe, you can display a Zulu spear or shield inside a common area of your home, like the living room or den.


How big the African decor you select should be consistent with the size of the area or space you’re decorating. For example, if you don’t have much wall space within the living room, use a throw blanket in Pan-African colors for sofa or chair. For those who have more space to work with, position a tall African vase in the primary corner of the room or enlarge and frame an excellent photo displaying an African village to adorn a wall.

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