How To Plan The Perfect Family Vacation Cruise

We specialize in planning Family Cruises and work with cruise lines which offer the most comprehensive services for family cruises, such as year-round children and teen programs, nightly babysitting, special kids menus and other kid friendly features. Due to our exclusive relationship with family-friendly cruise lines, we also have the BEST RATES on FAMILY CRUISES! We are dedicated to finding the very best value for your family cruises followed up with superior customer service before, during and even after your cruise. Please explore the ONLINE FAMILY CRUISES SPECIALS on our website. If you would like an immediate price quote or even just helpful advice for your family cruise, please contact our friendly and knowledgeable family cruise specialists, Kirsten and Erin,for your no-obligation quote. Alaska family cruises, caribbean family cruises, european family cruises, family reunion cruises Owner and president of Cruises For Families Kirsten Chute and Cruise Consultant Erin Ross together have over 25 years of experience in the cruise industry and they look forward to helping YOU plan your perfect family vacation cruise . Cruises For Families has recently been featured in Money Magazine, and Frommers

Family Cruisesn          Planning for Family Cruise

Want to know the secrets to successfully cruising with a baby? Here are some do’s and don’t’s to be aware of.How can you control your brood for smooth sailing? Here’s some advice based on what we’ve learned sometimes the hard way — during our years of family sailing.Cruise Critic members share their experiences the good, the bad and the ugly.

Planning a Group Cruise

Traveling in a group can be the death knell of vacation fun. It sounds like a great idea at first — reunite with far-flung family and friends on neutral ground where no one has to host — but the reality doesn’t always live up to expectations. Differing budgets,activity levels and interests, as well as travel style clashes, can lead to more headaches than memories.His disappointment in group travel reversed itself when he discovered cruising, a way to travel with an assemblage of family and friends but without the obligation to spend every waking moment together.  Family Vacation Planning  Smith planned his first group cruise for 13 pals in 2007, and the same group, more or less, has cruised together annually since.Cruises offer the best of all worlds for groups:

plan a family cruise

Planning a family cruise can be stressful. However, if you’ve ever been on a cruise, you’ll know that it’s one of the best ways to spend a family vacation. Here are a few steps that will prepare you for your next trip.Don’t know where to start? The biggest help you can get is from a travel consultant.  Especially if this is your first time planning a cruise, you’ll want to hire an agent who can plan it out for you step by step — the less stress, the better the vacation,

Family Reunion Cruises

More and more families are turning to cruise vacations as a great way to bring the entire family together to celebrate a milestone anniversary or special event. Whether it’s a 50th Anniversary or a Wedding Party for 100 guests, cruise lines will go out of their way to welcome your group with special group rates, private cocktail parties, group photos, and more.A cruise ship is the ultimate place to host your Family Reunion. When you compare the value and activities of a cruise vacation with those of a land vacation, you will see that a cruise ship is the perfect setting for your Family Reunion.Here are the some of the reasons why cruises are becoming one of the most popular vacation options for the Family Reunion Market


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