Little Changes That Make An Impact: Living Room Updates Ideas

The living room: It’s the room we showcase for visitors, the area that reflects our changing tastes and our changing lifestyles. It is also the room that so often gets stuck and may easily feel dated and cluttered. While swapping out a couch isn’t something most of us can do regularly, listed here are seven smaller updates that will help freshen up the look and feel of the modern living room.

Declutter/Pare Down Knick Knacks and Furniture

Possess a shelf filled with movies/books/cd’s you’re no more interested in? How about that table that takes up half your space on the floor? That cute tea cup collection that never collects tea and try to collects dust? Do a serious inventory of all things in your living room and ask yourself the next: Is this something I truly love? Performs this truly work in my space? Is that this something I truly use? When the answer is “no” to any or all, donate it! Making more breathing space is often the best change we are able to make to a room.

Alter Accent Pillows

Couches and chairs are big, expensive items. They’re also a big reason why living rooms can be displayed dated pretty quickly. However, simple things like changing up your accent pillows can produce a big difference, from the color scheme towards the overall look of your couch and chairs. For instance, you can move from orange/reds to blue/grays, from floral to mod. And I’m sure at least one person will say “Did you receive a new couch?”

Alter a Lampshade

Unless you have wildly ornate, Palace of Versailles style lamp bases (whereby I salute you because that’s bold), lampshades are highly versatile and could be mixed and matched very easily with different bases. Switching out a tired, drab lampshade for any more modern, boldly colored or patterned shade can instantly update the feel of your living room.

Improve Lighting

For many people, the living room is the place we visit relax, which = no harsh lighting. Daytime lighting ought to be as natural as possible, so search for ways to increase natural light by removing obstacles which may be blocking light (heavy draperies, furniture in front of windows). At night, the lighting should be soft and warm. Stark lighting = doctor’s waiting room vibe. Soft lighting = cozy inside your pj’s vibe, drinking some wine vibe. Lighting could be improved by changing the position of your lamps, using lower watt bulbs, or by using a dimmer switch.

Custom Mat Pictures

Custom framing can be quite expensive, and it’s worth it, however the next best thing (and much less expensive) is custom matting. You are able to play around with different colored mats and border sizing to assist showcase your art photos in a way that reflects your personal style.

Add Something Living

By means of indoor plants, herb pots, terrariums, or flowering pots. Greenery will instantly renew your space and is nice for the sake of your space as well.

Add a highlight Wall

Maybe you’re pleased with the basic color choice of  family room walls but it’s starting to feel tired. Attempt to add one accent wall. A great chance to use a bold color choice or wallpaper pattern that you might not want for an entire room but that will look great in a small dose. For some dollars and a few hours of labor, you can completely change the look of the living room.

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