Modern Kitchen Interior Home Design

Interior design modern homes would be the fittest concept for the modern people. Among the important part of every home is the kitchen. Basically, kitchen has functions because the cooking place and storage. But, within this modern era, the purpose of a kitchen is certainly improved like a gathering room for a family. That’s why the efficiency and also the simplicity, which are the principles of minimalist concept, need to be integrated into the kitchen. Minimalist kitchen The inside is one of the most popular interior concepts nowadays. It looks so elegant and straightforward.Kitchens need to be functional in addition to beautiful. The kitchen design market is constantly innovating and searching for the following great idea to make kitchens are more effective for homeowners. Modern kitchen design seeks to make use of nontraditional materials in creative and leading edge ways.

Counter tops & Backslashes

While granite remains a well known material for counter tops and backsplashes, the main focus on sustainable interior home design has opened a brand new world of possibilities. Counter tops can be found in eco-friendly slabs of 100 percent recycled materials for example glass, terrazzo and porcelain. These aggregates are positioned in a custom-colored resin to produce a slab that may be fabricated into a custom counter top.

Another hot option for backsplashes is mosaic tile in glass or metal. Solid sheets of stainless also can be used for modern backsplashes and counter tops. Further choices for glass include solid slabs of glass which are “back-painted” with an accent color, which provides a very sleek and contemporary shot of color without grout lines.


For any truly modern kitchen, the feel of European-style cabinetry is a plus. This innovative and contemporary aesthetic blends high-gloss lacquered cabinets and wood with horizontal running grain. Knobs tend to be nonexistent, and hardware is usually hidden for any clean and minimalist look. Another modern cabinetry trend would be to mix upper cabinets with open shelving or perhaps forgoing the uppers altogether in favor of shelving.


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