Hair Removal Techniques – What Are The Different Types?

The battle for removal of unwanted hair from the body has been continuing since an extended period of time. Women are mainly interested in removal of hair from various body parts like under arms, legs, bikini line, etc. We all have their preferred method of laser hair removal which might include a combination of various procedures. Provided here are the different types of hair removal procedures.


Hair electrolysis has been utilized for years and was a revolution if this was first used for permanent laser hair removal. Electrolysis involves sticking a needle in to the hair follicle and running electricity into that follicle to get rid of hair.

Hair Removal Techniques

Hair Removal Techniques

Alexandrite Hair Removal

Alexandrite laser hair removal offers the most effective hair removal available in the planet today. This is because the alexandrite laser emits the right wavelength of light (755 nanometres) to attach towards the melanin in the hair and damage follicles of hair.


Many people use wax for laser hair removal. There are many different brands and types of waxing products and waxing services, including eyebrow waxing, waxing for males, facial waxing, underarm waxing, Brazilian waxing, sphinx waxing plus much more!

Laser Hair Removal

This is probably one of the most easiest and popular ways of removing unwanted hair in the body. In this treatment the main of the hair is destroyed and also the hair falls of within gradual course of time. This kind of treatment can be carried out in any part of your body and is best suitable for light skin and dark hair. Generally 5 to 7 sessions are required for a person property of hair from the body.

Brazilian Wax

There are various brands and types of Brazilian or ‘brazillian’ wax and services. Including Brazilian bikini waxes (where all locks are removed from the genitals and bum leaving a strip of hair around the pubic bone), the professional job at Brazilian wax salons; there’s the do-it-yourself Brazilian wax, Brazilian waxing at home, sphinx waxing (also referred to as the full Brazilian wax where all of the hair from the navel towards the bum is removed), male Brazilian waxing plus much more!

Bikini waxing

There are many different types of bikini waxing. There’s DIY waxing, home waxing, full brazilians or bikini treatments, shaping, salon waxing and french waxing, all using hot liquid wax or strips.


Shaving needs to be done daily. Permanent laser hair removal is fast and only needs to be repeated a couple of times a year once your treatment course is finished.

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