Pregnant Women For Stretching Exercises

smiley pregnant woman doing stretching exerciseStretching is one of the ways to stay active during pregnancy. Because of added weight in their belly, pregnant women-especially those nearing their due dates-have limited movements. Usually, this causes muscle stiffness and uncomfortable pain-particularly within the lower back and legs. Pregnant women undergo various physical changes. Getting comfortable to any or all these changes will eventually result in an easier pregnancy and labor, and faster post partum recovery.

Stretching exercises are basic exercises which are necessary in conditioning the muscles in front of you more strenuous exercise. For a pregnant woman, it’s a great way to stay in shape while discovering new limits. It may also help in relaxing and easing stress. This is often beneficial to both the expecting mother and her baby.


Stand together with your back against a wall, the feet about shoulder-width apart a comfortable distance in the wall, knees slightly bent. Inhale. Then while you exhale, draw in your abdominals, moving your chin toward your chest while you roll your torso down one vertebra at any given time. “Roll” as far down as you’re comfortable going. Keep the weight centered between your feet.

Shoulder circles

While seated or standing, rotate shoulders backward and down within the largest circle you can make. This opens the chest, counteracting the rounded shoulders a lot of pregnant women get.

Neck Stretch

Bend the top forward with the chin touching the chest. Slowly rotate clockwise, feeling the neck muscles stretch. Spend some time and complete one rotation in Just a few seconds. When back in the starting position, slowly rotate counter clockwise and finish it within the same time period.

Ankle and Calf Stretch

Take a seat on a chair with the legs straight and feet together. Using the heel on the floor, point the toes forward and rotate clockwise while using feet and ankles. Make time to do the rotation, feeling the tug within the calves. Perform the same exercise while rotating counterclockwise.

Inner Thigh Stretch

Carefully take a seat on the floor and put the feet along with the soles touching each other. Using the back straight, gently try to touch the knees to the floor by pushing gently around the thighs. To avoid injury, don’t overstretch.


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