Best Basketball Strength Training Workout

Best Basketball Strength Training WorkoutBasketball Strength training immediately following games is a terrific method to keep current with player strength programs. It enables for extra recovery before the next competition and it has the added benefit of helping to cool your body down after the intense exertion of the ball game. Cooling down efficiently promotes relaxation and sound sleep, both essential and difficult to achieve after a powerful basketball game. Additionally, this type of workout brings a significant sense of individual and team satisfaction, as players understand that they are going the extra mile in the name of improvement.

Basketball strength training that lagged those. Strength workouts were generally only prescribed for the off-season months. In season strength work was discouraged typically. The feeling was that adding additional exercise in the form of strength training to already demanding practice sessions and games could be too much for players to deal with. Finally, and not a moment too early if you ask me, strength work was a year-round affair for all basketball players.

Upper Body

Blocking, passing and shooting require torso strength, so exercises for that muscles of your upper body should play a significant role in your workout routine. Exercises like the bench press, pull-down, overhead press and back fly might help develop the muscles of your torso you’ll need to dominate on the court.

Dumbbell Jump Squat

Why: Basketball players have to be explosive and make high vertical jumps; which trains for both, building up lower body power and strength. As this exercise is meant to be done fast, you don’t need heavy dumbbells. Use weight comparable to between 15 and 30 % of your squat max.

Core Exercises

Building core strength is essential for basketball. In addition to helping you develop an enviable group of abs, core exercises can help you transfer power from your legs for your upper body when shooting. Exercises for example weighted crunches, mountain climbers and hanging knee raises could be effective for this task. The very first two can be performed virtually anywhere, so that you can use them to keep your tummy tight year-round.

Clean High Pull

Explosive triple extension movements are wonderful basketball exercises, because they help athletes transfer their progress in the weight room to the court. This specific exercise involves the hip, knee and ankle, three major joints, which, when moved from flexed to extended position, produce the explosiveness needed to jump for rebounds.

Lower Body

Along with jumping exercises that help boost plyometric strength, you need to perform lower body exercises with increased controlled, less explosive motions to aid running, pivoting and other tasks. One of the better lower body exercises for basketball are squats, leg presses and deadlifts. Just like arm exercises, these exercises possess a toning effect.


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