Top 5 Housewarming Party Games

Your housewarming party doesn’t have to be tame and dull should you throw a few housewarming party games into the mix. These games will keep your guests entertained and give you some good new memories to start out life inside your new home.

Top 5 Housewarming Party Games

Top 5 Housewarming Party Games

Planning a few housewarming party games are a great way to perk up a boring housewarming get-together, and can be also a great way to break the ice with your new neighbors and between family and friends who are meeting for the first time.


This is one of the simplest and funniest games around the party block. You are able to play this game using a Pictionary board or create your own version of Pictionary. You will need a drawing board, markers, and cards with names of stuff that have to be drawn and sand timer with this game. You must first split your guests in two teams. You must then hand each team a set of Pictionary drawing cards. A member from team A will visit team B. team B can have him or her Pictionary card which he needs to draw on their behalf. Member from team A will use the markers and try to draw the item for his team members. Members of team A will need to guess the object within the span of one minute. If team A guesses the item correctly, they will win some point. If they fail to guess then your score will be zero. Within the next round, member from team B will visit team A and also the same process will follow. At the end of the game, the team with maximum score is going to be awarded the prize. You could utilize key chains or candy bags as prizes for each winning team member.

Housewarming Scrabble

This is an easy game that will make your guests scratch up their brain. You will require loose papers, writing pads, pens and timer with this game. Ensure that you have sufficient pens and papers for that game. You can host the sport and set the timer for the guests. You must tell them to create as many words possible in the word XYZ (you can put your surname here) Housewarming. They can just use the letters that you have presented to them. Each letter may be used only once. If you want to take the game one step further then you can mention that each word should contain minimum of three letters. You need to give them a set time frame to accomplish the task. Two minutes is definitely an ideal timeframe for the same. Guest that seems to build maximum letters will win the sport.

Forbidden Word

You will need satin ribbons with this game. You must hand every guest a satin ribbon because they enter the party. Once the party has started, you must announce that the word “House” is forbidden for any certain time frame. You can even announce the word “house” is forbidden up until the end of the party. Whenever a guest hears somebody saying the term house, he or she can demand the ribbon from that guest. At the conclusion of the party, the guest that has managed to collect maximum ribbons will win the sport. You can award a small prize probably a price reduction coupon, monogrammed gift or goodie bag towards the winner.

Personalized Art

Throwing a romantic housewarming party? Give a small square canvas to every guest (make sure they’ve been primed first). Put down some paint-choose colors that will opt for your room-and let guests paint something only for you. Hang the panels together for any unique and personal work of art. You may also do this with fabric or decorative paper if you like. A variation on this theme would be to offer simple wooden picture frames with photos of all of you together and let your friends personalize the frames with paint along with other crafts.

Design a Room

This game would help you to definitely get different rooms within your house done up by your guests. With this you will need to have different knick knacks, photos, primed canvass, colors and sequins etc arranged. Divide your guests into teams and then give them the basket of decorative items. Assign every team an area and let them use the what to decorate the room as per their taste. The home owner can pick the decoration that he or she likes the best and award the prize towards the winner. If you are unsure concerning the decorations then you could pack the present decorations of your room and allow them to rearrange the stuff for you personally. This will help you to have a different décor for the new home

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