Best Sports Drink For Nutritional Facts

Best Sports Drink For Nutritional FactsSports drinks are gaining popularity among people, especially youngsters, because it gives a boost to a person’s endurance levels. Recommendation of sports drinks is dependant on a number of factors like type of sport the individual is engaged in, its intensity, duration, athlete’s nutritional status, age and so forth. Commercial sports drinks that are hitting the market primarily contain water, carbohydrates and electrolytes (sodium, chloride and potassium). The necessity for sports drinks as a source of nutrition depends upon the athlete’s body requirements and also the energy levels required for the sport.

Sports drinks are made to restore fluids, carbohydrates and electrolytes lost during intense exercise. These products help prevent dehydration and fatigue. By packing sports beverages with nutrients for example sugars and sodium for energy, and protein for muscle reparation, you may enjoy greater duration and recover faster from a high-intensity workout.


An important nutrient, sodium maintains blood volume helping preserve the balance of water within the cells. A required element for normal body operation, sodium helps nerves function correctly. During rigorous exercise, especially activities for example sport tournaments and marathons, your body loses sodium through sweat. And unless it’s replaced, athletes can become dehydrated. The signs and symptoms are debilitating. They’ll feel nauseous, experience painful muscle cramps, feel disoriented and confused, and also have slurred speech. Sports drinks effectively and quickly replace lost sodium.

Pros And Also The Cons

There’s no doubt that sports drinks are good for athletes. Anytime you’re exerting energy for greater than 3 hours, sweating a lot or competing inside a high-altitude environment, sports beverages will replace lost electrolytes and provide you with a boost of needed carbohydrates.

Vitamins And Minerals

Minerals and vitamins do not give you more energy, however they help to unlock the energy kept in food so your body can use it as being fuel. You body needs calcium, magnesium, fluoride, and vitamin D to help keep bones strong. You should be getting these in the food you are eating, but if you are not, try taking daily supplements.


Potassium is yet another nutritional facts in sports beverages touted to improve endurance. It is an element that can help regulate muscle control, nerve function and blood pressure level. Potassium works with sodium to help keep the body’s water in balance. Based on Colorado State most the 4.7g recommended daily consumption of potassium. Athletes who train vigorously will probably need more potassium.

Powerade Drink

Packed heavily with calories and sugar, a container of Powerade, generally sold in 32-ounce bottles, contains as many as 300 calories and it is packed with sugar and sodium. As the sweet taste of the drink might encourage you to definitely drink more to properly rehydrate, the calories often break the bank and the goes overboard using the sugar and sodium content.

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