5 Tips On Makeup For Round Face

5 Tips On Makeup For Round FaceThe most common facial shapes individuals have, and depending on the shape of your face, there are various styles of hair or makeup application that flatter your face. A round facial shape includes a softer jaw line and full cheeks, and the utilization of makeup will accentuate certain features to boost your natural beauty and contour rounded facets of your face.have a round facial shape, there are specific tricks use to flatter certain features and reduce others. Here are a few great makeup tips for anyone who has a round facial shape.

There are various techniques that can make your healthy face get noticed with the aid of right makeup. When applying makeup for round face, the first objective would be to remember to turn the attention from your full-cheek bone to the chin area. It is crucial that you try to slim down your round face. This can elevate your attractive facial features and lengthen your face’s contour around look thinner.

Makeup Tips For Round Face


Start by applying concealer to make the skin tone look equal. Apply concealer in a way that the cheekbones are highlighter while the jaw lines are lightened. Using a sponge, dab the cream under the eyes. Blend it in on the sides of the nose and to the upper cheeks. Highlight the centre servings of your face by applying concealer on the forehead and chin.


Any shade of eyeshadow looks great on individuals with a round face, and the use of eyeliner can help define the eyes and complement the remainder of your look. Apply a sheer wash of eyeshadow over the eyelid and finished off with an application of mascara.

Groomed Eyebrows

Highly arched brows can lengthen the face and in addition it offsets your round face. Try to create a straight line on the anterior a part of your brows so that it leads the arch. Use powder, eyebrow pencil and gel for an arch.


For redefining a round face you’ll need foundation of two different shades, one light and something dark, which should be just one shade deeper than the skin tone. Place the darker foundation, in the fullness at the temples, as well as in the fullness of the jaw line. Keep the chin clear – this can help to make the face look longer. Smooth the liquid into the skin utilizing a sponge. If you find that you have fullness beneath your chin and your neck, apply the darker foundation down on the bottom.

Contour With Blush

The makeup and also to even out your skin, apply a translucent powder for your whole face, working your way upwards and outwards. To create your makeup for face appear visually slimmer, apply the blush right beneath your cheek bones and up to the temple. Don’t go lower than the virtual line at the bottom of the nose, and no further than the outer corner of the eyes. You will be surpised how having fun with those light and dark shades will elongate your face shape immediately.

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