5 Home Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Exercise is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but it can also be tons of fun for everyone. Almost anything that keeps us up and getting around can count as exercise. For example, walking, biking, swimming, and dancing are all examples of physical activity.

A lot of it is because they are taking advantage of exercising, and for that reason exercise equipment. However, no matter how useful that they’re going to find themselves to be, seniors have special physical needs that need to be taken into account.

Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Exercise Equipment for Seniors

As such, the senior must make sure that when they are using exercise equipment, that they aren’t using equipment that will hurt themselves physically and cause major damage. Luckily, fitness equipment manufacturers realized the needs of seniors, and only created exercise equipment that is senior friendly, or have recommended certain exercise equipments to seniors. Listed here are certain types of equipment do a better job of helping prevent these injuries.

Elliptical Cross Trainers

Elliptical machines are great exercise machines for seniors simply because they provide low impact exercise for that legs and muscles. An elliptical trainer machine provides healthy cardiovascular results and it is great for arthritis sufferers. Pedal power and arm bars allow baby boomers to adjust their speed and resistance, providing them with a full body workout.

Fitness Rowing Machine

Being seated low to the ground and rowing offers the body a steady low impact exercise workout. Fitness rowing machines provides minimal force on joints and can be adjusted to ensure that seniors do not over work their back muscles, whilst increasing the body’s oxygen levels for producing healthier heart rate. Many rowing machines also offers a hands free chest strap for seniors to watch their gizzard rate.

Exercise Bikes

Stationary bicycles are a good low impact workout solution. Running is extremely hard on the knees, hips and ankles, and even walking can be a problem for some seniors. Stationary bikes allow the muscles from the legs to engage without putting a lot of stress on the joints, which could enable seniors to get longer cardiovascular workouts than they could otherwise. Another advantage of stationary bikes is that they leave the hands and torso free to act independently from the legs–it is quite possible to read, watch TV, or even use a computer whilst getting a workout on a stationary bike. Recumbent stationary bicycles can be even more comfortable, because the seats tend to distribute pressure across a lot of body.

Whole Body Vibration Equipment

Increased blood flow, increased strength, weight loss, stronger flexibility and better mental acuity are just a some of the benefits in using a whole body vibration machine. Seniors only need to lie down, sit or stand as the vibrating platform causes their muscles to compress after which to relax.

Treadmill Equipment

Treadmills allow seniors to adjust the intensity level of this great walking equipment. Treadmills for use at home allow users to hold onto hand rails for support, they likewise have a padded movable track surface, that really help to keep them standing upright. Treadmills for home exercise work outs are beneficial in providing healthy heart rates, lowering blood sugar levels, strengthening muscles and bones and lowers blood pressure level.

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