Cute Halloween Costumes for Women 2014

Broken Doll Costume

Broken Doll Costume

Halloween is a widely celebrated holiday in America as every year, huge numbers of people across the nation obsess over what costume to put on. 2014 will be no different as a large number of new franchises and popular culture icons give inspiration to costume suppliers and individuals who create their own costumes alike.

There is a costume for everything. Find a thing that is perfect for you, and you can always add accessories onto these to make them your own. Here are some Halloween outfits that are cute, funny, and awesome.

Broken Doll Costume

Dolls are scary- that’s only a widely accepted fact that everyone understands. This broken doll outfit-complete using the requisite crooked little hat- could just be a cute fancy dress piece, but it’s all in the way you wear it (walking slightly crooked and keeping the eyes a little too wide recommended).

The Undead Bride

If your Valentine’s Day didn’t go so well, at least celebrate Halloween in appropriate style. This costume, that will turn you into a half-living, half-skeletal newlywed of the undead, has just the right amount of artfully torn-up dress and zombie swagger to suit all scary ladies. I’d get married in this, no question.

Black Widow

The famous hero within the Iron Man movies, the Avengers, so when again in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Black Widow is sure to reappear this season as a specific character only for her charms and strength just like a female character. You’ll see plenty of her out there when you hit downtown as well as the parties.

Schoolgirl Zombie

Schoolgirl Zombie

Wicked Witch of the West

This is an option that may work perfectly. Instead of choosing the traditional version in the Wizard of Oz, choose to dress up like the protagonist from Wicked. Paint the face area green, wear black flowing robes, don the black pointed hat and you’re done. And unlike the movie version, you don’t have to wear a permanent scowl inside your face. Elphaba from Wicked can be a much more likable character.

Salem Witch

Harking back to ye olde times, this Salem Witch costume is really a cool twist on the usual plain ol’ witch outfit. With a tattered dress, a noose, and, obviously, a bunch of (hopefully fake) blood added too for good measure, this is one for that history majors.

Schoolgirl Zombie

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without someone dressing as a sexy undead something or other- why is this so make it this undead schoolgirl? You receive all the fun parts (short-skirts, artful ties, eating brain) and no boring parts (those damn strict rules on chewing on someone else’s head).

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