Top 6 Tips to Improve Treadmill Workout

When planning a workout program, one of the first things you need to consider is your experience level with the treadmill and how much time you have for a particular workout. You also need to know as much about your treadmill and its controls and settings as possible as well as the emergency shut-off.

Your treadmill program should include a warm up, the main workout and the cool down. It also benefits you to vary your workout regime throughout the week so you are not doing the exact same thing each day. Begin your treadmill routine with a slow and steady 5 minute walk and warm up.

Top 6 Tips to Improve Treadmill Workout

Top 6 Tips to Improve Treadmill Workout

Increase the Incline

Instead of running on a flat road or treadmill, head for the hills or bump up the incline. Running uphill will send the heart rate through the roof and increase the calorie burn. Some added benefits include improved leg strength, running form and spring speed.

Get ready

This is one of the most important exercise tips that you need to keep in mind before hitting the treadmill. You have to be sure mentally as well as physically that you are ready to hit the treadmill. Once you are ready, get some comfortable track pants and a cotton t-shirt. Wear a clean running shoes and keep a water bottle handy. Drink water to stay hydrated and gear up body’s metabolism. Running for a duration that too non-stop will make you sweat badly. So, use a clean towel to wipe-off body sweat. Before jumping on the treadmill, check if the machine is working perfectly or not.

Do Not Land on Your Heels

It is very important, especially for obese people. Knees are one of their most problematic parts and using the heels during walking can make the situation even worse. Instead of landing or stepping on your heels, make use of the mid-section of your feet. If you roll through the balls of the center of your feet, it will be much easier for you to walk without taking a toll on your knees.

Stop and Go

Use interval training to increase workout intensity and maximize results. Alternate periods of all-out effort with periods of low effort or rest. Try sprinting 100 meters and then walking or jogging back to the start line before repeating the sprint. Eight to 10 sprints is all it will take to get a great workout.

Vary Speed

Another very common mistake is simply stepping on and walking, running or jogging at the same speed for twenty or thirty minutes continuously. This can not only lead to you getting tired quickly but will also bore you off easily, which will ultimately result in not being an effective or efficient workout. So, it is important to keep changing your speed every 8-10 minutes. You can also try including incline into the workout so as to make it interesting and effective.

Be Consistent

The best way to get results from a cardio workout is to create a routine and stick to it. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, at lunch or after work, the body will adapt to training any time during the day. Be consistent and exercise on a consistent basis and your fitness goals are within reach.

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