The Best Stomach Massage For Weight Loss

Simple body massage is a very time-saving and cost-free regime to maintain a healthy body. You can find all sorts of massage from head to toe in the internet, especially in Youtube. the body responds to stimulation, especially pressure stimulation. Even the sole of the foot contains all the pressure points connecting to the body organs. Foot reflexology is the stimulation of those points on the soles of the feet. In this article we shall consider the stomach massage.

Most experts agree that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to find a balance between healthy eating and exercise. If you’ve tried diet and healthy exercise and still need help, abdominal massage may provide the extra help your body needs.                                                                                                                   
Stomach Massage For Weight Loss

Your stomach massage experience will vary significantly based on the location of your treatment and the therapist performing it. Massage is not an exact modality. While the foundation of strokes for the specific types of massage style can be taught, the individuality of the therapist and specific needs of the recipient can cause a great deal of variety. Just because two therapists give a very different lymphatic massage, for example, does not mean that one massage will not be effective.

It is important to consult your doctor before beginning any weight-loss regimen and to ask if stomach massage, and specifically abdominal massage, is right for you. Pre-existing conditions such as cancer, high blood pressure, pregnancy, varicose veins, history of blood clots, recent surgery and chronic injuries can make massage dangerous.

Abdominal massage, including improved digestive functioning, stress reduction and increased muscle tone, but more research is needed to confirm these claims for abdominal massage specifically. According to a 2009 study by the National Institutes of Health.

Lymphatic massage is a type of stomach massage performed around the lymph nodes of the body. It helps strengthen the immune system, eliminate toxins from the body, and increase the body’s metabolism which makes it easier to lose weight.

Most Romantic Christmas Holiday Places in Europe

Christmas is the most awaited holiday season in the world. It will be celebrated by the millions of Christians as well as non-Christians around the world. Christmas Holiday in Europe is synonym with snow, time-honored traditions, Gothic churches with fabulous choirs, and charming medieval squares brought to life by colorful Christmas holiday stalls. Some cities celebrate Christmas in grand style, others with peculiar customs and yuletide nostalgia aplenty, and some of them are simply at their finest during this time of the year.

Nuremberg, Germany

There’s no better time to visit Nuremberg than during the Christmas  holiday season, when the city turns into a genuine winter fairytale. Home to one of the oldest and most spectacular Christmas markets in Germany, hence the world, the picturesque medieval town in Bavaria welcomes its visitors with an extravaganza of Christmas goods, traditions, and activities.                                                
Christmas Holiday Places

Krakow, Poland

If you want to make a white Christmas  and be surrounded by cultural treasures, you can draw an X on the map near Krakow. Beside the old customs we all know that when it comes to spending Christmas holiday, Poland has a specific tradition, unique and maybe a little bizarre.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The best part about spending Christmas holiday in Amsterdam is that museums and other tourist attractions are open and ready to share Dutch culture and history with you. Here are some ideas on what you can do if you plan your Christmas in Amsterdam. The list includes witnessing the Amsterdam Light Festival, Classical music performances and ice skating throughout the city.

Strasbourg, France

Home to the oldest Christmas holiday market in France, a magnificent Gothic cathedral, and a charming UNESCO-listed Old Town, the quaint Alsatian city near the border with Germany is a fantastic destination for your winter trip.

Moskow, Russia

Moskow is a great opportunity for you to spend Christmas holiday two times a year. You might consider attending the Russian Winter Festival that takes place in Izmailovo Park right before Christmas (celebrated on 6 and 7 January, after the Julian calendar). Then you can literally break the ice with a boat cruise down the Moskow River.

5 Unique Family Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Christmas is one of the few times in the year that family members receive gifts from each other. Exchanging gifts is a great practice that fosters generosity, kindness, and compassion. The Christmas family get together brings along with it the prospect of giving and receiving gifts. Though gifts are said to be a way of showing our love and appreciation for other people, many times buying gifts for all the members of a large family can surely burn a hole in your pocket. Moreover, many times, the gifts that we give or receive, may not be something useful, which makes it a total waste of time and money. To solve this problem, we have family Christmas gift exchange games where a person has to give a gift to just one member of the family. No matter which route you take, you can purchase the materials for the best gift exchange from your local craft or gift store. Once you have some tips down pat, you can easily decide on how to go about your family gift exchange.

Handmade Gifts

Family Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Family Christmas Gift Exchange Ideas

Exchanging handmade gifts can also be a great idea. This is also an expensive way to celebrate the joy of the season with your family and friends. You must make sure that the exchange should be only of handmade items, rather than those bought in stores. There can be wide variety of handmade Christmas gifts that can be exchanged. Home baked cookies, cakes, recipes, knitwear, crafts. embroidered cushion covers, photo frames and the like can be a good option for family gifts on this Christmas.

White Elephant

A variation to the name picking family exchange gift ideas will be the white elephant gift exchange. A while elephant gift exchange is where you do not have to spend money in buying something, rather you an give away something that you do not use at all. This can range from some old gift that you got from someone and has been lying in your wardrobe for sometime or may be something that you brought, but did not use. Wrap this gift in a nice gift pack and gift it to someone who you think will love and appreciate it.

Gift Giving as Entertainment

Instead of focusing on the exchange aspect of gift giving, lead an activity with gifts being the items each guest makes. For example, play a holiday trivia game or charades and award simple prizes such as holiday bells or ornaments, or provide aprons and all the materials for a cookie-decorating activity. If your space permits, designate a photo-display site in front of the Christmas tree and provide fabric, cardboard and instructions for making picture frames.

Gift-Giving Games

With passing games, the game itself is part of the fun. For about 20 people or fewer, pile wrapped gifts in the center of the group. Draw numbers and let the first person pick and unwrap a gift; the second participant chooses to open a new gift or “steal” the unwrapped gift, allowing the first person to choose again. For children, reimagine musical chairs and have the children pass gifts around a circle, keeping the gift in the kid’s hands when the music stops.

Cakewalk Exchange

Label objects, such as Christmas ornaments, with numbers, using a labeler gun or numbered decorative paper scattered on the floor. Each person picks a number and stands beside it. The facilitator draws a number from a glass jar, or any container, and the person with the drawn number gets to choose a gift from the gift stack. Since no one has gift assignments beforehand, you can get extra creative and fun with the gift you choose. Wrap all gifts in the same sized gift box to eliminate the first taker getting the biggest gift.

Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Joints Healthy

The most of us probably do not consider much about our hips, back, shoulders, and other joints right up until they become painful or stop working properly. Each season brings its very own influx of injuries related to a new set of sports and outdoor activities. When people use muscles they’ve not used since not too long ago, it can result in painful strains. Many of the injuries and inflammations are attributable to underlying chronic joint disorders that resurface with renewed activity and result in inflammation. And when your own joints are bothering anyone, even sitting can become painful.

In this article, we will turn our attention to how we can keep our joints healthy as well as what to do when there is a problem with our joints.

Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Joints Healthy

Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Joints Healthy


Maintain an Ideal Weight

Excess weight is hard on your joints, causing them to experience extra stress, pressure and strain, and prematurely eroding your joints’ cartilage. Even minimal weight loss, such as 10 or 11 pounds, can help to reduce joint pain and slow the progression of joint deterioration. It’s said that for every pound you lose, four pounds of pressure is taken off of your knees.

Practice Proper Posture

Most of us slump and slouch out of habit, and this puts extra strain on your joints. Make a conscious effort to keep good posture, both while standing and sitting, as this will keep your joints in the correct alignment and allow your muscles to work as they should. The Cleveland Clinic explains the details of what ‘proper’ posture entails.

Avoid injuries

When possible, avoid repetitive motions. It’s also important to warm up and stretch before exercising. When playing sports, wear shoes that fit well and the proper protective equipment. If you are injured, seek medical attention right away. Do not ignore the pain.


Exercise helps you in all ways. You can do strengthening, aerobic and flexibility exercises. Adding balanced exercises to your routine is one of the health tips to keep your joints safe. Do stretching exercises if you have to sit for long hours.

Dietary changes

Prefer natural and pesticide-free vegetables and fruits over processed and preserved foods. Increased uric acid is a common cause of joint pain that ultimately leads to gout. Dietary changes can help you in such cases.

Sit straight

Muscles and bones get stress by sitting down. So you must have to sit straight so stress reduces and there will not pain in joints. To sit down in your muscles and bones have much stress, so it always sits directly reduce stress and pain in joints will not.

Build muscle mass

Focus on building up muscle mass. It may sound counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to address arthritis pain—the most common cause of joint pain—is exercise. It can help reduce joint pain and stiffness, as well as increasing muscle strength and flexibility. Muscles act as both cushions and shock absorbers for your joints, so without muscle tissue, your joints take a pounding. Specific muscle groups can be strengthened to help protect joints.

Effective Tips to Help Influence Healthy Joints

Specifically with age, joints all around the body are vulnerable for you to pain and injury. Taking good care of your joints is simple, and doing so will enable you to live a fuller lifestyle; you will feel well and have absolutely the strength to engage in many different physical activities as a person age.

What Are Joints?

Effective Tips to Help Influence Healthy Joints

Effective Tips to Help Influence Healthy Joints


Joints are found where two bones meet and connect with one another, like your hips, elbows, knees, wrists, and more. The motion we enjoy in these areas is attributed to the body’s unique make-up around the joints. Each joint is protected by a combination of smooth tissues – cartilage and synovium – and a special lubricant: synovial fluid.

When these elements work together successfully, the joints enjoy easy motion and pain-free activity. However, when people get older, the cartilage becomes more susceptible to damage. Problems with cartilage can lead to more severe issues, including arthritis and other painful problems, along with the need for invasive reconstructive surgeries.

How to Keep Joints Healthy

Exercise, including Strength Training

Many people with joint pain avoid physical activity, but this is a mistake. Exercise is beneficial for joint health and joint pain relief, as it strengthens supportive muscles so less pressure is put on your joints. Strength training is particularly important for joint health but aerobic activities are also beneficial (if you have joint pain, try exercises that are gentle on your joints, like walking, swimming, bicycling and yoga). In addition, exercise also helps to restore mobility and flexibility, while helping you maintain an ideal body weight.

Maintain Good Posture

People who have jobs requiring extensive amounts of lifting and carrying should be conscious of their body at all times. Keeping good posture can significantly reduce the common injuries of these jobs. From kids to heavy boxes, lifting should be done cautiously and mindfully.

Eat Healthy

Get nutritious food to supply the needs of growing tissues. This is especially important for young children whose bones are growing at a rapid pace. Eat food rich in calcium, a mineral necessary for bone formation. Vitamin D is also necessary, and can be obtained by adequate sunlight exposure. Adequate proteins that furnish amino acids for building ligaments and joints.

Control Your Weight

Easily the best thing you can do for your joints to prevent joint stiffness. If your body is bearing too much weight the more wear and tear on your joints. Losing the weight will reduce pressure on your knees, hips, and back and prevent joint injury and joint stiffness. Research shows that with every pound gained, a person puts four times more stress on their knees.

Top 6 Tips to Improve Treadmill Workout

When planning a workout program, one of the first things you need to consider is your experience level with the treadmill and how much time you have for a particular workout. You also need to know as much about your treadmill and its controls and settings as possible as well as the emergency shut-off.

Your treadmill program should include a warm up, the main workout and the cool down. It also benefits you to vary your workout regime throughout the week so you are not doing the exact same thing each day. Begin your treadmill routine with a slow and steady 5 minute walk and warm up.

Top 6 Tips to Improve Treadmill Workout

Top 6 Tips to Improve Treadmill Workout

Increase the Incline

Instead of running on a flat road or treadmill, head for the hills or bump up the incline. Running uphill will send the heart rate through the roof and increase the calorie burn. Some added benefits include improved leg strength, running form and spring speed.

Get ready

This is one of the most important exercise tips that you need to keep in mind before hitting the treadmill. You have to be sure mentally as well as physically that you are ready to hit the treadmill. Once you are ready, get some comfortable track pants and a cotton t-shirt. Wear a clean running shoes and keep a water bottle handy. Drink water to stay hydrated and gear up body’s metabolism. Running for a duration that too non-stop will make you sweat badly. So, use a clean towel to wipe-off body sweat. Before jumping on the treadmill, check if the machine is working perfectly or not.

Do Not Land on Your Heels

It is very important, especially for obese people. Knees are one of their most problematic parts and using the heels during walking can make the situation even worse. Instead of landing or stepping on your heels, make use of the mid-section of your feet. If you roll through the balls of the center of your feet, it will be much easier for you to walk without taking a toll on your knees.

Stop and Go

Use interval training to increase workout intensity and maximize results. Alternate periods of all-out effort with periods of low effort or rest. Try sprinting 100 meters and then walking or jogging back to the start line before repeating the sprint. Eight to 10 sprints is all it will take to get a great workout.

Vary Speed

Another very common mistake is simply stepping on and walking, running or jogging at the same speed for twenty or thirty minutes continuously. This can not only lead to you getting tired quickly but will also bore you off easily, which will ultimately result in not being an effective or efficient workout. So, it is important to keep changing your speed every 8-10 minutes. You can also try including incline into the workout so as to make it interesting and effective.

Be Consistent

The best way to get results from a cardio workout is to create a routine and stick to it. Whether it’s first thing in the morning, at lunch or after work, the body will adapt to training any time during the day. Be consistent and exercise on a consistent basis and your fitness goals are within reach.

Purposeful Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend 2015

When it comes to choosing birthday gifts for girlfriend , guys really get confused and finally they end up with selecting something that is out of girlfriend interest.So what you should gift your girlfriend for her birthday to make it special, obviously you want to make this day special for her.

Giving gifts is one of the best ways of expressing your feelings for a person. But when it’s your girlfriend’s birthday you may find yourself getting stressed out about what you should buy for her that she would most like. To lessen your worries and to help you out in your quest for finding the best birthday gift for girlfriend you love here are some top gift ideas.

Purposeful Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend 2015

Purposeful Birthday Gifts for Girlfriend 2015

A Gift Hamper

A gift hamper can always make a girls day. Now a days, gift hampers are easily available online and in shops. Some shows also let you make your own hamper by choosing what all you want in the hamper and they decorate it for you. The Body Shop has some of the best hampers that includes body butters, lotions, soaps, perfumes, moisturizers etc. These are all the things that a girl wants and the fact that she gets them all at once, packed in the most cute basket with a bow on top is even better.


It is something which every woman loves to have. Every woman wants to have a collection of designer jewelry like pendants, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. This is really a exciting and a incredible gift item for a girlfriend or wife that will make her birthday even more special. If you are thinking of buying a necklace, do not forget to figure out her gal in order to get the perfect fit.

Candy Bouquet

Girls like flowers, girls like chocolate and girls like gifts. You mix all of them in one big gift – what could go wrong? Candy bouquets are a new concept wherein, you have a bouquet that is entirely made up of candies and chocolates or a flower bouquet which has chocolate bars here and there. You can make such a bouquet by yourself and choose all her favorite chocolates and flowers. It is a very innovative idea. You can put a small card in between or stick many tiny notes on the chocolate bars with sweet messages.

Personalized Gifts

Nothing pleases us more than a gift which has a warm personal touch. You can gift her a personalized painting, jewelry with her name or something that she believes in on it, mugs, bed-covers etc.Today, buying such gifts is extremely easy and there are also some stand-alone shops which make personalized tshirts etc on demand. If you don’t want the world to know what the personalized gift has to convey, put something that is an inside joke or a secret between just the two of you. This will make her feel loved like nothing else.

Birthday Card

A romantic birthday card can make your girl fall in love with you all over again. You may not be a sentimental person but even a man of few words can manage to jot down a few lines to make his girl happy.

Home Decor Gifts

If you have recently owned a home and your wife loves buying things for decorating home, then it will prove an ideal option to buy something that compliments the decorating style of your home.