Memorable Birthday Party Ideas

A first birthday party is not just a fun time for your child, but also a time to celebrate getting through the first year of hurdles and triumphs being a parent. It’s a great opportunity to bring together everyone who played an important role in the child’s first year of life.

Yet, since the guest of honor is too young to possess many opinions of their own around the party theme and decorations, it can be challenging for a lot of parents to narrow down their choices making decisions. In fact, on my blog, Spaceships and Laser Beams, how to choose a first birthday theme is a of the most common questions I get from parents.

Birthday Party Decoration ideas

Birthday Party Decoration ideas

Here are some fun budget-friendly ideas for throwing a great first birthday party:

The very first Birthday Theme

Picking a theme for any first birthday is probably the hardest part of planning a first birthday party. The options are limitless. One of my favorite ideas is to select the family’s favorite fairytale or a special book. I love selecting a classic because, it is not only special towards the birthday boy or girl, it will bring back memories for your guests.

Party Decorations

When it comes to decorations for any first birthday party, you’ll want to make sure your party area is not overwhelming, but vibrant enough to keep the birthday boy excited about his party. Bright, vibrant colors are great for little eyes.


Fun party food is a great way to feed your guests and obtain them talking. One great idea is to pick a theme for the party and to carry this right through to your food. Childrens parties could be full of character cupcakes and for adult parties you could have country themed food or something similar. Should you look online you’ll see loads of fun and exciting ideas.


Talking of themes, it isn’t only the food you can have fun with. Costume parties are an easy way of helping your guests to be relaxed and participate in the fun. The great thing about this is there are hundreds of theme and costume ideas that you should choose from, so no matter the type of party you’re organising there will be something to suit.


Keeping the guests entertained is vital – so birthday party games are crucial. Many people think that games are just for childrens parties however this is not the case at all. You will find loads of games that can be adapted to become suitable for the whole family. One great idea is to buy team games together and get people in competition with one another – as this can get everyone involved and the competition element can get peoples passions racing.


With regards to arranging entertainment for your party you will find endless amounts of things to select from – a simple disco with music can function well or you can add in karaoke to combine things u a little. If however you want something a little more than this there are options such as casino nights, cocktail making as well as garden games such as bouncy castles for children.

With regards to arranging a top party the best reaction you can have is get organised and arrange things as soon as possible. This means that you will have everything in place well before the party happens and may get on with your enjoying your time and effort. By sorting things such as the venue (essential) before hand then you also have time for you to rearrange and fix things should something fail – without having to worry an excessive amount of about your party being ruined.

Birthday Party Ideas for Kids


Birthday party ideas may be hard to come up with, but some creativity, time, as well as an open mind great birthday parties could be planned. There are items you must look into when brainstorming ideas. While activities, party favors and food are essential factors with any party, space, location, the amount of quest will be invited along with a budget are pretty essential as well. Considering these factors can help you plan a successful birthday party.

Kids birthday party ideas enable you to plan a celebration without having to come down with stress. The various tools and ideas when followed accurately might find you throw the best birthday party for the child. If you are the kind of mom who not have an idea of where to start and discover kids birthday party ideas, you need to consider some basics of planning for a party. The first thing is that you won’t succeed if you rush in the final minute. A birthday party should start its preparations a minimum of a month in advance. This is necessary since it will give you a chance to do some research, make any online orders and receive them, seek the aid of relatives and many more activities.

The 2nd tip that is paramount would be to pick a theme. Kids birthday party ideas for themes are extremely many. You have to go with a theme that the child will love and appreciate as well as for this to happen, you must know the things they love.

Themes will enable you possess a reference point when you are undertaking other details that report to the party. For the party, you have to involve other activities and this is because children will remember the things they were up to and activities they did. Afternoons are the most useful times to have parties and also you need to consider the kind of food you will feed the guests. Some people will believe that finger foods are enough for the party but, if you wish to cook homemade food, go ahead with your plan.

Ideas for Birthday Party for Toddlers

Birthday party ideas, especially birthday party ideas for kids, have become more and more unique and original daily. To create your little one’s birthday more special, make an effort to think of party themes that he / she will enjoy.
Princess Theme

So that all you queens and kings are searching for your young princesses royal celebration! Well your research is over. You can transform your house in to a castle and give your guests a red carpet royal welcome. Hand out crowns while welcoming another kids to create the mood for the party. Decorate the region with a balloon archway and a royal red carpet. Cover the party table in pink, accented with streamers, balloons and confetti. You may even create a throne for your little princess. If possible, let all the kids come wearing royal dresses. It makes an enchanting effect, making the party more fun and interesting. Party games like kiss the frog, pin the wings round the dragon, pass the poison apple or even a musical princess chairs, certainly are a perfect way to keep the children entertained.

Superhero Theme

One of the most fun party ideas for toddlers can be a superhero theme. Now you needn’t be considered a super parent to pull off this party theme, however, your little boy will definitely think of you want a Superman! Transform your home in to a bat cave and welcome guests with ‘Incredibles’ decorations and spiderwebs. Set the climate for your party with great decorations, like superhero posters, masks and capes. Cover the table in reds and blues, accented with streamers, balloons and confetti. Food for toddlers birthday parties needs to be something that is simple with bright colors and shapes. To make the party more interesting, create a superhero training camp and keep some theif busting games like pass the kryptonite, spiderwalk and Mr. Freeze Dance. This can be one of the best outdoor party ideas for toddlers.