Bathroom Mirror Decorating Ideas

The bathroom mirror is a feature that immediately catches the attention. It is set at eye level and reflects some or all the movement in your bathroom. An ordinary bathroom mirror contributes to a sterile environment within the bathroom. When you want to give your bathrooms some visual contrast, begin by decorating the mirror.


For those who have a smaller bathroom mirror, remove it, frame it and hang it support. Elaborate frames are found at yard sales and thrift stores, and you may use them to give your bathroom a stylish or Victorian aesthetic. Even searching for a simple streamlined frame and painting it inside a bright color can boost the visual appeal of your bathroom mirror. For any false wood frame on the large mounted mirror, glue strips of wood siding towards the borders of the mirror itself. You are able to stain the wood or let it rest raw, depending on your preferences.

False Plants

When you’re interested in creating a busier and much more elaborate look for your bathroom, add false plants for your mirror. Use hot glue to connect the false plants or just wedge them behind the mirror’s frame. A few examples include silk flowers placed in the corners of your bathroom mirror design or ivy stuck around the frame.


Use cup hooks secured towards the corners of your mirror to hold up swags of fabric. Choose fabric that suits the d├ęcor of your bathroom, and hang up them up to soften the perimeters of an unframed mirror. Gather the swags of material with ribbons and bows to have an elaborate look. For a simpler look, choose fabric that’s a single solid color but which complements the colour of your towels and your tiles. Choose fabric that’s easily washed. By choosing bargain fabrics, you have a number of choices for a small amount of money, and you may switch them out because the mood takes you.

Opposing Mirrors

Hang an inferior mirror on the wall opposite your primary mirror. A smaller mirror helps you to open up the space and make it appear larger. For any more varied effect, select a number of small mirrors and hang up them on a wall opposite a bigger mirror.


Use enamel paint to produce a border of flowers or curvy shapes within the mirror. Paint a design freehand or use stencils purchased in the craft store to obtain a sharp clear image around the mirror.

Decorating Ideas Using Black and White for a Living Room

Choosing a black and white decorating scheme for the living room will add elegance, simplicity and class to the room. Black and white decor can complement a variety of styles, from modern to cottage. If you would like, add a few pops of color towards the room along with the black and white, like a yellow vase or a red lamp.

Space on the floor

In a living room are a number of flooring options that may tie into a black and white living room. A white wood floor, when put into a space with white furniture and black cushions, constitutes a room take on a light, airy feel. A dark wood floor adds a commercial element to the room when combined with proper furnishings. If painting the ground isn’t an option, consider rugs in a distinctive shape or pattern. To have an inviting, homey living room space, a luxurious, pure white carpet will the trick. However, consider the fact that it’s difficult to keep clean.


A full time income room that’s entirely monochrome makes a bold statement to people who enter. If you’re going full-scale with this decorating scheme, keep your style of the furniture consistent to drag the room together. For example, a contemporary, black leather couch looks strange combined with a white, wicker chair. But that very same couch next to a chic, oversize white leather beanbag works because of their complementing styles. Solid furniture colors bring about a modern look while using monochrome prints on upholstery provides a vintage feel to the space.


Painting all your walls stark black can produce a living room look smaller and far darker than it is, so consider painting one wall black being an accent for the room. Paint the rest of the walls stark white with white trim. You might paint the walls with monochrome stripes or choose wallpaper having a black and white pattern.


Proper accessories inside a living room can make the difference from a dull, boring space as well as an attention-grabbing area. You can use a black and white theme for accent pieces in several ways. A simple idea, for example framing artistically-shot black and white photographs and placing them in black wood frames with white matting, goes quite a distance towards making a statement inside your living room. When you have white walls and black accessories, like a stone sculpture or glass vase, come out in high contrast. If you are placing the accessories on the shelf, make it one of the opposite colors therefore the objects stand out. White on black or white on black tend to merge too much with each other.