Kids Garden Party Ideas

A garden party is a great theme for any bridal or baby shower, but when you don’t have a special occasion in your calendar, that’s OK-make one up! Invite your girlfriends over for brunch or lunch and dine al fresco within shady tree or patio umbrellas.

Fun Suggestions to Set the Garden Mood

Fill the oasis with huge tissue paper flowers. Take a look at our Tissue Flower Activity for detailed instructions. Make sure they are yourself to decorate before the party, or enable your guests make them as an activity. Additionally or else, you can make these Easy Spring Flowers. Or, should you don’t have time to make your own items, consider some garden party decorations, including garden balloons.

Select several dome-shaped rocks out of your garden, or purchase stones from the craft store. Before the party, spray paint the rocks red, and allow them to dry. As the guests begin to arrive, give each child a rock along with a black permanent marker. Possess the children add black spots and faces to create ladybug decorations for the table. Write your guests’ initials at the base of their ladybugs so that they can find their critters to consider home at the end of the party. Try our Ladybug Rocks to obtain some fun ideas.

Garden Grub & Greenhouse Goodies for the Garden Party Menu

Think about making a garden birthday cake having a daisy-shaped cake pan and top all of them with garden party candles. Or, create a flower-shaped cake by baking a typical 8″-round cake for the center. For that petals, you can bake a sheet cake and cut petal shapes, or use Hostess Twinkies for any quick solution. Ice the flower’s center in yellow and also the petals in pink. Put the cake on either a large cookie sheet or perhaps a piece of cardboard covered in aluminum foil. Use green icing to attract the stem and leaves to the cookie sheet or cardboard.

Serve Ladybug Fruit Treats. For every one, slice a red apple in two, and cut out the core and seeds. Push choc chips point-first into the apple’s skin to make the ladybug’s spots. (Note: You might want to poke small starter holes while using tip of a knife; this makes it easier to push in the choc chips.) Serve each Ladybug on a leaf of romaine lettuce.

Dirt Sundaes can be produced by serving chocolate frozen treats with Oreo cookies crumbled on top. Increase the fun by serving the frozen treats in small flower pots (lined with foil or wax paper), and buy miniature shovels from a local craft store for spoons. Check out our Dirt Cups for inspiration.