Little Changes That Make An Impact: Living Room Updates Ideas

The living room: It’s the room we showcase for visitors, the area that reflects our changing tastes and our changing lifestyles. It is also the room that so often gets stuck and may easily feel dated and cluttered. While swapping out a couch isn’t something most of us can do regularly, listed here are seven smaller updates that will help freshen up the look and feel of the modern living room.

Declutter/Pare Down Knick Knacks and Furniture

Possess a shelf filled with movies/books/cd’s you’re no more interested in? How about that table that takes up half your space on the floor? That cute tea cup collection that never collects tea and try to collects dust? Do a serious inventory of all things in your living room and ask yourself the next: Is this something I truly love? Performs this truly work in my space? Is that this something I truly use? When the answer is “no” to any or all, donate it! Making more breathing space is often the best change we are able to make to a room.

Alter Accent Pillows

Couches and chairs are big, expensive items. They’re also a big reason why living rooms can be displayed dated pretty quickly. However, simple things like changing up your accent pillows can produce a big difference, from the color scheme towards the overall look of your couch and chairs. For instance, you can move from orange/reds to blue/grays, from floral to mod. And I’m sure at least one person will say “Did you receive a new couch?”

Alter a Lampshade

Unless you have wildly ornate, Palace of Versailles style lamp bases (whereby I salute you because that’s bold), lampshades are highly versatile and could be mixed and matched very easily with different bases. Switching out a tired, drab lampshade for any more modern, boldly colored or patterned shade can instantly update the feel of your living room.

Improve Lighting

For many people, the living room is the place we visit relax, which = no harsh lighting. Daytime lighting ought to be as natural as possible, so search for ways to increase natural light by removing obstacles which may be blocking light (heavy draperies, furniture in front of windows). At night, the lighting should be soft and warm. Stark lighting = doctor’s waiting room vibe. Soft lighting = cozy inside your pj’s vibe, drinking some wine vibe. Lighting could be improved by changing the position of your lamps, using lower watt bulbs, or by using a dimmer switch.

Custom Mat Pictures

Custom framing can be quite expensive, and it’s worth it, however the next best thing (and much less expensive) is custom matting. You are able to play around with different colored mats and border sizing to assist showcase your art photos in a way that reflects your personal style.

Add Something Living

By means of indoor plants, herb pots, terrariums, or flowering pots. Greenery will instantly renew your space and is nice for the sake of your space as well.

Add a highlight Wall

Maybe you’re pleased with the basic color choice of  family room walls but it’s starting to feel tired. Attempt to add one accent wall. A great chance to use a bold color choice or wallpaper pattern that you might not want for an entire room but that will look great in a small dose. For some dollars and a few hours of labor, you can completely change the look of the living room.

Decorating Ideas Using Black and White for a Living Room

Choosing a black and white decorating scheme for the living room will add elegance, simplicity and class to the room. Black and white decor can complement a variety of styles, from modern to cottage. If you would like, add a few pops of color towards the room along with the black and white, like a yellow vase or a red lamp.

Space on the floor

In a living room are a number of flooring options that may tie into a black and white living room. A white wood floor, when put into a space with white furniture and black cushions, constitutes a room take on a light, airy feel. A dark wood floor adds a commercial element to the room when combined with proper furnishings. If painting the ground isn’t an option, consider rugs in a distinctive shape or pattern. To have an inviting, homey living room space, a luxurious, pure white carpet will the trick. However, consider the fact that it’s difficult to keep clean.


A full time income room that’s entirely monochrome makes a bold statement to people who enter. If you’re going full-scale with this decorating scheme, keep your style of the furniture consistent to drag the room together. For example, a contemporary, black leather couch looks strange combined with a white, wicker chair. But that very same couch next to a chic, oversize white leather beanbag works because of their complementing styles. Solid furniture colors bring about a modern look while using monochrome prints on upholstery provides a vintage feel to the space.


Painting all your walls stark black can produce a living room look smaller and far darker than it is, so consider painting one wall black being an accent for the room. Paint the rest of the walls stark white with white trim. You might paint the walls with monochrome stripes or choose wallpaper having a black and white pattern.


Proper accessories inside a living room can make the difference from a dull, boring space as well as an attention-grabbing area. You can use a black and white theme for accent pieces in several ways. A simple idea, for example framing artistically-shot black and white photographs and placing them in black wood frames with white matting, goes quite a distance towards making a statement inside your living room. When you have white walls and black accessories, like a stone sculpture or glass vase, come out in high contrast. If you are placing the accessories on the shelf, make it one of the opposite colors therefore the objects stand out. White on black or white on black tend to merge too much with each other.

Eco-Friendly Living Room

Eco-friendly is buzz word in solid estate and home decorations. There are a variety of ways in which activities could be eco-friendly, which range from products of construction to creating changes in lifestyle which are designed to help the environment. Eco-friendly furniture inside your family room brings cozy look assisting to attract your guests and friends. The lounge should be the most important room in your house or apartment. This room receives one of the most attention, use and scrutiny from guests so an ideal living room should possess all of the different piece of furniture based upon the activities that can take place.

Home entertainment

Electrical devices for example television, DVD players, hi-fi and computers consume energy. Large plasma-screen TVs are particularly energy-hungry as well as their increasing popularity is one reason electricity use within Australian homes continues to rise. Consider staying with a normal-size TV.

Get into the habit of smoking of turning things off together with standby power can use as much as 10 per cent of household electricity. If something continues to have a light or clock on, then it’s still using electricity. The very best bet is to turn it off in the wall (unless it requires fiddly re-programming, like a VCR).


Replace any incandescent lightbulbs with energy-saving compact fluorescent ones, which nowadays only cost you a few dollars each.

Halogen downlights tend to be more of a problem. They may be reduced voltage, but they are still energy guzzlers – it’s wattage, not voltage, that determines energy consumption. Actually, halogen downlights can use six times more energy than the usual compact fluorescent. They also lessen the efficiency of ceiling insulation, since you can’t lay insulating batts over downlights – heat from the lights makes it a fireplace risk.

Ultra-efficient energy-saving LED downlights are now available but remain very costly – although they will still help you save money over their lifetime. If you cannot afford them, use your downlights sparingly. Better yet, don’t install them in the first place.


Nylon carpets are manufactured from petroleum – a non-renewable and polluting resource – and therefore are usually treated with chemicals as dyes, fire-retardants, mothproofing, anti-stain treatments and so forth. These chemicals are slowly released in to the air of your living room.

Wool carpets are healthier and much more environmentally-friendly, but may still have chemical treatments, as the latex backing used on most carpets contains styrene, a suspected carcinogen. The very best carpeting option is an untreated wool carpet with hessian backing. Wool, incidentally, is of course flame retardant.

But all carpets harbour dustmites that induce allergies. Instead, consider tiles or timber, or explore natural floorings for example cork tiles, sisal or jute. For timber flooring, search for recycled floorboards or FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified timber to guarantee the wood did not come from an unsustainable source. Bamboo is definitely an attractive, eco-friendly alternative to timber flooring.

Furniture and furnishings

Furniture and fittings for example sofas, armchairs, curtains and blinds will also be treated with chemicals to make them fire, pest and stain resistant. When purchasing cushion covers, throws, curtains along with other furnishings look for untreated natural materials for example linen, hemp, organic cotton or organic wool.

Observe that formaldehyde, a possible carcinogen, is often used like a glue in shelves and chairs along with other furniture, particularly in pressed woods for example particleboard. Choose solid timber instead.

But, again, ensure the timber in wooden furnishings are sustainably sourced. Avoid tropical hardwoods unless they’ve FSC certification, or hunt around second-hand shops and yard sales for second-hand furniture.

Chemical-free painting and cleaning

Reduce chemicals inside your living room’s air by cleaning with microfiber dusters and mops (which have no need for detergents) and non-toxic natural cleaners. When decorating, use low-toxic paints, that are water based and use natural plant and mineral dyes rather than synthetic chemicals. Seal and polish timber floors and furniture with varnishes and polishes produced from natural ingredients such as linseed oil and beeswax.

Cooling and heating

Good insulation will lessen the energy you need to heat and funky your living room. Shade north- or west-facing windows with curtains, blinds or shutters on hot days and make sure the ceiling and walls are adequately insulated.

While there’s been a move towards open-plan home living areas recently, retaining some internal doors means you are able to close them on cold or hot days, allowing you to only heat or cool the area you are in, rather than the whole house. This could significantly reduce your energy bills.

Choosing Living Room Furniture

Finding great living room furniture that also helps conserve or best make use of your available space can be challenging even if you have plenty of room to work with. Let’s suppose you have small, one-bedroom or a studio apartment. What considerations in case you have when choosing your end tables or sofas? You will have to think about the layout of the apartment, the design and style of furniture, what purposes you will need each bit to meet, and the overall composition of the furniture takes hold the space. If you need help choosing furniture for living room or perhaps your main apartment space, then continue reading.


Many times we learn to shop for sofas through costly experimentation. Hopefully this will not happen for you.

Don’t be so taken with color, texture and elegance that you forget construction. When selecting a sofa look for durable fabrics and comfy cushions that will keep their shape along with a strong well-made frame.


Some sofas have seats without any cushions at all, but most have 2 or 3. Sectional sofas can have more than that. Seat cushions are usually loose. The back cushions could be loose or they may be attached. Attached cushions stay where they belong and try to look uniform. Seat cushions shouldn’t be unyielding but they should be firm enough to have their shape. Zippered cushion covers can be taken off and dry cleaned. Additionally they allow you to replace the foam cushions with new ones of exactly the same size and shape.

“Density is used to gauge the sturdiness of foam, and, generally, the larger the density the more durable (and much more expensive) the cushion is going to be,” says Jackie Hirschhaut, Vice President of Pr and Marketing for the American Home Furnishings Alliance. “Better quality upholstered furniture uses foam having a density rating of at least 1.8 to 2.5 pounds per cubic foot.”

Frame Construction

The couch that will stand the test of time is going to be made from kiln-dried hardwood-oak or maple. Pine is soft and fewer durable. Good quality sofas and loveseat frames are merged with screws and will have mortise and tenon joints. Cheaply made furniture is stapled.

Based on the experts at Good Housekeeping, test the force of the fame by lifting one leg 6 inches started, if the other leg hasn’t risen too, the frame is weak.


“The upholstery of an item of furniture determines a great deal about how it appears and how it feels,” explains Mary Elizabeth of the Home Institute. “To a sizable extent, it determines the price. It determines whether the furniture feels–firm or soft. The kind and quality of the upholstery also determines the way it will last.”


The number of chairs you need depends on the dimensions of your room, the number of people in your family and when you like to entertain. As far as construction, arms and fabric are worried, they are much the same as sofas. In terms of style keep to the same general style as the sofa. If your sofa is really a large chunky style don’t buy small chairs and the reverse often happens. A rocking chair could be soothing for some people and a recliner is a superb place to spend a rainy afternoon with a decent read and a cup of coffee.


Speaking of coffee, end tables, coffee tables, sofa tables and television cabinets provide you with and your guests a place to create a cup, display décor and house your electronics. Some coffee tables have hinged tops with space for storage inside keeping clutter low. Others have baskets underneath for such things as magazines, novels or needlework. Traditional styles are wood and therefore are functional. Contemporary styles could be glass, metal, plastic or wood and aren’t usually very functional. 

Small living room furniture ideas


Small living room ideas are about some fresh ideas for the small living room with the best arrangement for the small living room you can even create the larger effect. You could create the neat and sleek living room using the perfect choice for the living room furniture in easy and futuristic design. So, you may choose particular kinds of wonderful and futuristic furniture which could always giving the best performance for that overall look of your living room.

Furniture Placement

Place furniture in a fashion that it does not obstruct traffic or consume too much space. Avoid using furnishings which are too big or bulky to increase your small living room’s footprint. Go for furnishings with clean lines. Keep just the major items needed for the area to function well. A standard sofa measuring 76 inches long works if you put it against the wall, preferably facing a window. Avoid tufted sofas that appear bulky. Instead of using a love seat to complement the sofa, choose a couple of club chairs instead. Choosing solid-color upholstery instead of heavily patterned ones helps make the look less busy. Using furnishings that may multitask keeps the number of pieces low. For example, instead of using a big square coffee table, choose a medium rectangular ottoman with storage that may double as seating.

Wall Colors

Selecting a light, neutral palette helps make the room seem bigger while dark solids make the room look cave-like. If you want to use bold colors, rely on them on art pieces and accessories instead. Make one of the 4 walls a focal wall by painting it having a different color. Add stripes to produce an illusion of more space. A narrow space appear wider using the addition of horizontal stripes while an area that has low ceilings looks taller with vertical stripes.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

Furniture that handles two different functions is perfect in a room with only a little space. An ottoman with storage is a example. You can store toys, remotes, magazines or any other items in the ottoman while also utilizing it as seating. Two ottomans pushed along with trays on top serve as a coffee table if not used for seating. A window seat is really a similar option when constructed with storage inside. A window seat takes advantage of the little space by a window that would otherwise go unused.


Built-in shelving takes advantage of surfaces without taking up a lot of valuable space on the floor. The shelving creates lots of storage for books, toys, games along with other relevant activities for the living room. For those who have a small nook in the living room that does not work well for a piece of furniture, build in a tiny bookshelf or desk for any small, custom workspace. Add lighting towards the area to brighten it making the overall room feel larger.

Urban Style

For that modern urban-style living room look, try dark brown or shiny black wood finishes. Think metals, glass and ceramics as accent pieces. Decorate with traditional leather sofas and sectionals and tables made of wood and metal. In case your living room space is especially small, consider without sofa at all. Place arm chairs, club chairs, patio chairs and love seats in various sizes and numbers around a focus like a fireplace, TV or perhaps a leather ottoman serving double duty like a coffee table. Use plenty of pillows in various textures and colors. Display pop art around the walls. Pick up living room pieces produced in Belgium, Italy and Scandinavia.