Romantic Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bedrooms define a person’s or couple’s personality, as each one has different choices in color and furniture. Some like it cozy and comfortable while some enjoy having it classy and stylish. Regardless of what your choice is, the bedroom needs to be the prettiest room in anyone’s home. Everyone loves to personalize it with pictures and plants that provide it an even more decorative look. Using a beautiful view from the bedroom is everyone’s choice so it can have large life sized windows or doors which open in to the balconies or patios. The view helps make the room more romantic. Wouldn’t you want to have breakfast in bed together with your sweetheart under a cozy sheet just watching the sunrise?

Romantic Suggestions for Bedroom Decor

There are so many methods for you to decorate your bedrooms and provide it a personalized touch. You have to make the bedroom as cozy as possible to make it romantic and comfortable. Given here are ideas for some color schemes and fashions you can use to make your bedroom a good option to spend some couple of time together.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Make use of the right colors. Consider the utilization of soft pastels such as pinks, light blues and lavenders. Paint the walls a shade of antique rose, sky blue or lilac. Other colors may bring a feel of romance too. Use a peach and gold color scheme. Paint the walls white. Wash a glaze along with silky soft pale apricot. Layer on another coat of glaze inside a soft gold to make the walls glow. If softer colors don’t appeal to you, go bold. Paint the walls a red to call to mind sensuous lipstick and old Hollywood glamour.

The best Lighting

Pick appropriate lighting. Lighting might help set a mood. Avoid lighting that’s harsh and unflattering, for example track lighting or florescent lights. Fill corners with uplights that cast pleasant shadows around the walls. Set candles of various heights that complement the colours of the room. Place them on side tables and armoires. Consider purchasing Tiffany-style lamps for primary lighting for the room. Give existing lamps a subtle glow by draping the lampshades with rows of beading. Cover the top shades with a thin shawl.


Use fabric. Drape huge velvet canopy over the top of the four-poster bed. Add sheer fabric underneath to show it into an airy room-within-a-room refuge. Wrap silk scarves within the tops of windows for everyone as curtains. Add a thicker layer of material over the curtains in a heavier material for example brocade to give a soignée look to the windows. Make use of a thick down comforter with a floral duvet. Place silky satin sheets around the bed. Add plump pillows engrossed in silk pillowcases on top of the bed.


Generate additional details. Place a vase full of flowers on top of a dresser. Hang a thick bathrobe along the side of the door. Scatter heavy rugs on the ground. Use doorknobs and cabinet pulls the same shape as flowers.