Contemporary Bathroom Designs Ideas

The Bathroom is one of the most crucial areas of the home. It is where you can refresh yourself after or before work. It is one of probably the most vital areas of the house where you ought to maintain the cleanliness. This is of course to help keep the comfort and relaxing mood for anyone who will use it especially the members of the family. Well you will find different kinds of designs and styles of bathrooms nowadays. With this there are various accessories, furniture and fixtures which are set in the bathrooms to really make it more appealing.

Well, of course the designs of every bathroom are varied much around the client’s choice or maybe the concept of their dream house. Since some of the home of today is contemporary, we will present you different contemporary bathroom designs.

Contemporary Bathroom Decor

Fixtures & Finishes

Contemporary bathroom designs favor shiny and brassy surfaces. A sink made of glass or stainless is to be seen quite often. Designer faucets, hardware and spigots will also be to be found, though muted through simplified, angular or geometric shapes. In fixtures, the contemporary bathroom trend favors chrome and soft brass. A modern day innovation in bathroom designs is introduction of shower doors, that are usually in plain glass material. They might also be beaded or frosted.


The lighting design of a modern day bathroom favors small gallery-style lights that add emphasis towards the vanity area. Dimmer lights in other locations of the bathroom add a moody touch. Luxury accessories happen to be introduced to the bathroom, in consonance using the growing trend of spa bathrooms. Some of the luxury designs for contemporary bathrooms feature mini-refrigerators, massage tables, dressing rooms, flat panel-style televisions installed on the ceiling, etc. If you like to go green, you can add organic elements, like a bamboo floor mat, wicker baskets in varied textures, apothecary jars for holding various natural concoctions and solar tubes that permit natural light to enter the room.


Though contemporary bathrooms convey more of a basic look, you can try to become innovative by looking for different furnishing options. You are able to install a bidet or go for a double sink setup to outfit the counter. Obtain a shower installed separately in the bathtub, or invest in a spa-inspired steam shower lined in subway tiles, for those who have that kind of budgetary allowance. Smaller details, like a curvy Jacuzzi tub or perhaps a rectangular bathtub lined with square tiles, may also impart a modern look to the bathroom.

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