Kids Outdoor Fall Activities

Autumn is a season that inspires creativity and outdoor fun due to its cooler temperatures and crisper air. Before the
bitter winter begins, many families attempt to soak up the last remaining days suitable for outdoor adventures. From
gorgeous fall foliage gazing to pumpkin carving, this time of year is full of bountiful activities. Discover a multitude
of fun, colors, and adventures the entire family will love, and choose accessories that help make these activities even
more enjoyable.

Visit a Local Harvest Event

Fall Activities for Kids

Fall Activities for Kids

There are a variety of pumpkin patches, corn mazes, hay ride events, and apple picking events in the area. Opportunities are all around-just do a little searching, and you’ll be sure to find an event going on somewhere around your neighborhood that your kids will love.

Play Outside

Outdoor fall sports like football are a great way to enjoy the weather. Another activity is to visit a playground at a
local park or school. Once the leaves begin to really fall, what better way to enjoy time right in the back yard than
making a leaf pile and then jumping in it.

Stick Hats

Send the kids outdoors to gather an assortment of sticks for this project. The sticks should be from 9 to 12 inches long. You’ll also need string. Begin tying the sticks together, joining them at the bottom and at the top. Keep adding sticks until the circumference of all of the sticks fits around your kid’s head. Pull the ends together and tie. If the sticks scratch your little guy’s head, glue a piece of felt to the inside of the stick hat for padding.

Experience Nature

This weather is perfect to just be outdoors and experiencing fresh air. Take a walk, go for a hike, or go on a bike ride.
Camping out can be great fun for the kids, whether it is at a park or just in your own backyard! Children also love to
collect leaves-bring their favorites home and use them for craft projects. Check out the local area parks and see if they have a nature program to participate in, or if you’re into some real adventure.

Outdoor Arts and Crafts

Fall is a great time for making fun arts and crafts with things such as acorns, leaves, and pinecones. To make a pinecone bird feeder, simply spread peanut butter on a pinecone and cover it with birdseed. Hang it from a tree, and watch the birds flock. Other autumn themed arts and crafts that are easy for kids to assemble include a leaf mobile with leaves and sticks or an autumn wreath.


This only happens one night out of the year, but participating in trick-or-treating is a great way for your toddler or
pre-k kids to get outside, make new friends, and have fun dressing up as anything they have ever wanted to be.

Valentines Day 2016 Love Poems

Welcome to the place for Romantic and love poems and poetry. This is the place where you can romance on the spirit of love, enjoy the poems, and even send them as a valentine’s day greeting card to your sweetheart.

February 2016 can be very special for many youngsters most of them are going to celebrate their first Valentine Week with their special one. So this site is very useful for those who are searching for Happy Valentine’s Day love poems, wallpapers, images, wishes, messages, and several ideas of celebrating. Here we are suggesting you that how you all can make special this coming occasion.

Valentines Day Love Poems

Valentines Day Love Poems

Hearts and Flowers

Hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day.
Heart shaped candy, help me say:
I Love you in a special way,
because love is the reason for Valentine’s day.
Valentine’s day is a special time
for songs to sing
and poems that rhyme,
a happy time for everyone.
I’m so glad you’re a friend of mine

Year Round Valentine

I love you all through February,
Not just on Valentine’s Day;
I cherish you when flowers of spring
Appear in the midst of May.

I adore you in the summer,
When the air is filled with heat;
Without you in my life each day,
I wouldn’t be complete.

I treasure you in fall,
When leaves are turning gold;
I loved you when you were younger;
I’ll love you when you’re old.

I prize you in the winter,
When colder days are here;
I love you, love you all the time,
Every minute of the year.

So I’ll give to you this Valentine,
But I want to let you know,
It’s not just today, but always,
That I will love you so

Always Valentine

I’ll always be the one who looks at you,
And sees you in a fond and loving light;
I’ll always know that you’re the one for me,
Because when we’re together, life is right.
You’ll always be my love–my hero, too,
The person I can count on constantly.
You satisfy me like no other could;
I’m ecstatic that it’s you who makes us “We.”
I’m always thankful for the day we met;
I love you, and I’m happy you are mine.
I’ll always feel this joy, this bliss, this peace,
If you’ll be my love forever, Valentine.

Summer Outdoor Games for Adults

Summer is a great time of year especially if you love the outdoors. It always seems that some of my funnest and funniest memories are outside camping, hiking, watching sporting events and of course playing games with family and friends. I have found that even as I grow older some of those great backyard games I used to love have not lost their luster; actually I am just quite a bit more accurate now or I don’t have to stand 5 feet in front of everyone else! One thing that I love about all of these outddor games is that they are really portable and you can take them anywhere. Here are my top four suggestions for outdoor Summer games plus a few more at the end for good measure!

Summer Outdoor Games for Adults

Summer Outdoor Games for Adults

Water Bucket Relay

Here we go depending on if any of these adults have decided to have a beer or two this game could get just as messy as the last game. Here is how you play the water bucket relay: there needs to be a starting line at one end of the yard. On the opposite side there needs to be a line of buckets. Each player on the relay team takes a big gulp of water and walks, quickly, without running to the teams bucket. Once she is at the teams bucket she will spit the water into the bucket and race back to her team. The first team who fills their bucket with water wins the relay.

Watermelon Carving Contest

You will use some basic pumpkin carving tools to turn a large watermelon into a beautiful carved masterpiece. Couples can work together on their watermelon carving project. Once the carving is over there needs to be some people judging who has the very best watermelon carved masterpiece of the shin dig.

Egg Bocce

This adult outdoor game is a little on the messy side but is sure to entertain the adults. Bocce will require one small target ball as well as several larger tossing balls. The small ball will be thrown onto a flat surface, like a lawn, then each player will tried to toss his ball as close to the small one as possible. Each player is going to neer will then to sign his eggs to “personalize” his ball. Each player will take their turn tossing their raw egg at the small target to get as close to the target ball all without breaking the egg. This could get very messy being as they are raw eggs and can certainly break easily.

Seed Spitting

Might sound like a hillbilly gross idea, but you can have some run with this. In reality though guys how much explanation is needed when we’re talking about spitting seeds? Yeah, that’s what I thought easy peesy lemon squeezy. Ok well you get the picture spit your seed the furthest you will be the winner of the seed spitting contest.


This is a classic outdoor summer adult game, and pretty much everyone knows how to play. Get some horse shoes, metal stakes and you’re in business. You don’t need the whole set up with sand to play a game in the backyard of your friends or family members house.

Ice cream Eating contest

This will bring the adults back to feeling like a kid again surely. Get a big bowl of ice cream and get to eating. Now you can make the way people have to eat their ice cream your choice. Let them either use some utensils or heck only their mouth as their eating utensil.

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults 2014

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults 2014

Easter Basket Ideas for Adults 2014

Kids are not the only ones who love Easter baskets. These adult Easter basket ideas will surprise your friends who forgot all about Easter egg hunts. Bring back that sense of anticipation and excitement that you simply felt over the arrival of the Easter Bunny and also the baskets he left. Here are some fun and simple ideas:

The Handyman Basket

An Easter basket full of wrenches, screwdrivers and a hammer along with other small tools would be a convenient idea for that handyman on your Easter list. Fill plastic Easter eggs with nuts, bolts and all the little hardware pieces he may need. Throw in a few DIY-type magazines that suggest projects that will appeal to the workman who gets this basket. A ruler, sandpaper or even a box of nails can fill the basket. Wrap the basket in colored cellophane making a bow out of a measuring tape to top it off.

The Pampering Basket

For the woman who needs to take some time for herself, fill a gift basket with spa products, a manicure or pedicure kit, colorful nail polish, a bottle of nice perfume, fuzzy slippers, a relaxation music CD, some fashion or beauty magazines, scented candles and a yoga or Pilates starter set. Based on your budget, you might want to splurge and include a gift certificate for a facial or perhaps a day at the spa.

Tea & Coffee Lover Easter Baskets

Want something less romantic? Consider using a coffee basket filled with an assortment of specialized coffees and coffee syrups and sugars. Give a small coffee press and some gourmet coffee stirrers, and you have an ideal basket for coffee lovers. For that tea lovers in your life, have a few ounces of a favorite variety of loose tea, and put in a small decorative bag. Set the bag, a tea ball plus some fancy sugar cubes inside a special tea cup and saucer, devote a small decorative box and you’ve got a sure winner.

The Gamer Basket

For the gamer in mind, fill an Easter basket with scratch tickets and lucky charms. A lucky penny, a keychain having a four-leaf clover or a pair of dice can give the player a feeling of luck. When they enjoy a good bingo game, then add bingo markers and a magnifier to see the numbers around the game cards up close. If it’s the casino scene they like the most, give them plastic eggs full of quarters to play the slots with. Fill a jar saying “bingo money” with jelly beans to consume now and use the jar in order to save coins for bingo money later. Toss in a blow-up seat cushion for comfort, and don’t your investment hand sanitizer for handling the money they will win. Wrap the basket in Easter cellophane and finish it off with a big purple bow.

Easter Basket Picnic

You don’t need to stick to candy and sweets. Tailoring your Easter basket towards the personality of the one receiving the basket will provide the best results. One idea for any unique Easter basket gift would be to take a wicker picnic basket and grow it with some nice plastic plates, flatware, stemware, napkins and a light picnic blanket that may be reused. Add some gourmet cheeses, olives, summer sausage and your favorite beverage, and toss some gourmet petit-fours or specialty chocolates in to the basket. You now have a romantic Easter Brunch Basket that may be treasured and used again later on.

Top 5 Housewarming Party Games

Your housewarming party doesn’t have to be tame and dull should you throw a few housewarming party games into the mix. These games will keep your guests entertained and give you some good new memories to start out life inside your new home.

Top 5 Housewarming Party Games

Top 5 Housewarming Party Games

Planning a few housewarming party games are a great way to perk up a boring housewarming get-together, and can be also a great way to break the ice with your new neighbors and between family and friends who are meeting for the first time.


This is one of the simplest and funniest games around the party block. You are able to play this game using a Pictionary board or create your own version of Pictionary. You will need a drawing board, markers, and cards with names of stuff that have to be drawn and sand timer with this game. You must first split your guests in two teams. You must then hand each team a set of Pictionary drawing cards. A member from team A will visit team B. team B can have him or her Pictionary card which he needs to draw on their behalf. Member from team A will use the markers and try to draw the item for his team members. Members of team A will need to guess the object within the span of one minute. If team A guesses the item correctly, they will win some point. If they fail to guess then your score will be zero. Within the next round, member from team B will visit team A and also the same process will follow. At the end of the game, the team with maximum score is going to be awarded the prize. You could utilize key chains or candy bags as prizes for each winning team member.

Housewarming Scrabble

This is an easy game that will make your guests scratch up their brain. You will require loose papers, writing pads, pens and timer with this game. Ensure that you have sufficient pens and papers for that game. You can host the sport and set the timer for the guests. You must tell them to create as many words possible in the word XYZ (you can put your surname here) Housewarming. They can just use the letters that you have presented to them. Each letter may be used only once. If you want to take the game one step further then you can mention that each word should contain minimum of three letters. You need to give them a set time frame to accomplish the task. Two minutes is definitely an ideal timeframe for the same. Guest that seems to build maximum letters will win the sport.

Forbidden Word

You will need satin ribbons with this game. You must hand every guest a satin ribbon because they enter the party. Once the party has started, you must announce that the word “House” is forbidden for any certain time frame. You can even announce the word “house” is forbidden up until the end of the party. Whenever a guest hears somebody saying the term house, he or she can demand the ribbon from that guest. At the conclusion of the party, the guest that has managed to collect maximum ribbons will win the sport. You can award a small prize probably a price reduction coupon, monogrammed gift or goodie bag towards the winner.

Personalized Art

Throwing a romantic housewarming party? Give a small square canvas to every guest (make sure they’ve been primed first). Put down some paint-choose colors that will opt for your room-and let guests paint something only for you. Hang the panels together for any unique and personal work of art. You may also do this with fabric or decorative paper if you like. A variation on this theme would be to offer simple wooden picture frames with photos of all of you together and let your friends personalize the frames with paint along with other crafts.

Design a Room

This game would help you to definitely get different rooms within your house done up by your guests. With this you will need to have different knick knacks, photos, primed canvass, colors and sequins etc arranged. Divide your guests into teams and then give them the basket of decorative items. Assign every team an area and let them use the what to decorate the room as per their taste. The home owner can pick the decoration that he or she likes the best and award the prize towards the winner. If you are unsure concerning the decorations then you could pack the present decorations of your room and allow them to rearrange the stuff for you personally. This will help you to have a different décor for the new home