Valentine Day Indoor Activities For Kids

Valentine Day Outdoor Activities For KidsValentine‚Äôs Day is all about celebrating love and letting those most close to you know you appreciate and love them. Believe to teach this lesson for your kids than to share a day of family fun? Choosing activities the entire family can enjoy will make for an unforgettable day and who knows, you might just begin a new family Valentine’s Day tradition.If your little one is going stir-crazy from all the time spent being alone inside the house, try these fun indoor activities for kids . These ideas can get kids active, creative,

Special Meal

Feel the pantry and fridge to determine what kind of yummy, creative meal you are able to all come up with. Everyone should possess a hand in the preparation and cleanup, along with the eating.

Arts And Crafts

Take out a bit of this and a little of this (tissue paper, old handmade cards, glitter, you name it) plus some glue and allow the kids go creative. A large empty corrugated box in the garage can really stir up the imagination.

Photo Albums

Take out the old photo albums, sit round the table and show the kids that which you looked like at your high school prom. They ove that old photos of Grandma, Grandpa and also the rest of the family too.


No two snowflakes are alike. Enhance the white copy paper and some scissors and have a blast creating your personal snowstorm indoors. Hang them throughout the house for a winter wonderland both inside and outside.


What a great time to bake a cake or cookies together! Then, you are able to pour some hot chocolate, nibble around the cookies and tell snow stories as the snow whirls around outside.

Sock Puppets

Feel the sock drawers for a handful of orphan socks. Acquire some yarn, buttons and big fat needles. Have some fun creating wacky puppets and then placed on an equally wacky puppet show.