Eco-Friendly Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom, a room where you start your day should be a clean and green place. You should keep your bathroom hygienic and free of dirt. Green bathroom is really a best way to start a healthy lifestyle. Just a little change can bring a huge difference and save our nature.Water conservation

As water is among the most essential factors for living, you should conserve it efficiently. Conservation water is an effective and easiest way to modify your bathroom into an eco-friendly bathroom Close the taps to prevent unnecessary flow of water while brushing the teeth, this simple step can save upto 220 to 240 gallons water in a month. Install the faucets and also the shower that has a low-flow head because they will preserve the water. Using low- flow shower or perhaps a navy shower is the best method for saving water while bathing. It conserves upto 50% water. Avoid flushing excess water. As a substitute you can use toilet paper and cut-down using water.

Ventilation for your bathroom

Bathroom is generally soggy and wet, so that it tends to produce foul odour. Because of this ventilation is very important for your bathroom. It’s important to clear off all the stinky smells and also to let in fresh air. If it’s possible, keep the windows open otherwise install an exhaust fan which will let out all the foul smell. Ventilation can also be necessary since there is excess humidity within the bathroom and due to the sogginess there’s a possibility of mould growth inside.

Retrofit the bathroom

Bacteria and germs could be present in the lavatory whether it not cleaned properly. It’s very essential to clean your toilet regularly to have an eco-friendly living. Always close the lid before flushing. You are able to retrofit your commode by installing a controllable flush handle. A low-flow or perhaps a dual- flush toilet is the best eco-friendly alternative because it conserves much water.

Shower curtains

Don’t use polyvinyl-chloride (PVC) shower curtains. These curtains release hormone- disrupting gases that are harmful and pollute the environment. You can opt for curtains made from linen, organic cotton or any other materials that are nontoxic.

Eco- friendly towels

Utilize eco-friendly towels that are made of organic cotton or choose bamboo towels with low-impact dyes and therefore are anti-bacterial. The usual towels contain dyes which are harmful for your skin along with the process of making those towels leaves many chemicals flowing within the water channels.


Compact fluorescent bulbs are energy-efficient and incredibly cost-effective. It uses less energy compared to other bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs don’t produce much heat. Another advantage is that it lasts longer.

Ceramic tiles for bathroom

Ceramic tiles are extremely eco-friendly and useful. Environmental friendly bathroom for ceramic tiles are often available in market. It is easy to neat and does not get damaged by moisture. These tiles could be recycled to make bottles etc.

Use green cleaning products

The soaps or the chemicals which are used for cleaning are petroleum-based surfactants and possesses synthetic perfumes that pollute the environment. Use detergents and soaps which are eco-friendly for cleaning. Look for cleansers which are plant-based or non-toxic. Use a natural scrub or brush to wash the bathtub and the wash-basin.

Backyard Landscape Design Ideas

Backyard landscaping does not have to become a lot of hard work. There are many suggestions for a low maintenance backyard. You will find options that can give privacy to some portion of the yard while you enjoy some cozy moments with family and friends. The backyard can have many uses and you may use different landscaping suggestions to create a low maintenance, multipurpose yard. In the following paragraphs, we have listed some tips on developing a versatile, relaxing and absolutely stunning landscape for backyard.

Tips & Ideas For Landscaping An outdoor

  • Do you wish to add a touch of quality and opulence for your backyard landscaping? How about adding something as refreshing and uplifting like a river to your backyard? While man-made river entails labor, heavy maintenance and comes expensive, opting for something like rock-river will not just add beauty and serenity for your surroundings, but would end up being a far more feasible option than installing a swimming pool. You can use colored rocks to include beauty and believably to your river-white for center, and black or gray rocks for that riverbank. What more, you can also get a landscape bridge for your extra appeal!
  • Nothing can beat the delight of reclining comfortably having a steaming cup of coffee and your favorite novel in your private seating area, your backyard! With this, all you have to do is to pick your preferred corner in the backyard, place a beautiful garden bench or chair near the blooming landscape and revel in its beauty. You are able to fill up the space with beautiful planters full of shrubs. You can even use thread artificial flowers that will beautifully blend together with your blooming dales, without looking artificial. You may even add a landscape arch more than one of the chairs or the benches, to provide your backyard landscaping ideas a vintage touch.
  • How about placing a hammock for any touch of elegance and vibrancy  Just obtain a cotton hammock and tint it together with your favorite dye. Colors like purple and red are wonderful options against your green natural setup. Hurl in two water-proof garden pillows around the hammock. You can also go for colorful air cushion. The hammock will give you perfect room for relaxation.
  • If you’ve been hunting for ideas to deck your backyard landscaping ideas, how about adding something as cute and cheap as a birdbath? Start with selecting a perfect birdbath and place it in an empty space. Cover the nearby area with white pebbles and canopy it with evergreen ground cover plants for your added appeal. You can also use plants of various shades and hues to deck in the area instead of rocks.
  • Wish to give your backyard an enhanced look. Erecting a walkway in the private seating area of your backyard to your house can be a great way to spruce up the region. You can embed little pebbles for any neat, beautiful look. They’ll save your feet from getting drenched by wet grass on rainy days. The good thing about paving stones will add towards the picturesque appeal of your backyard. You should use colored pebbles for enhanced effect.

Decorating Ideas Using Black and White for a Living Room

Choosing a black and white decorating scheme for the living room will add elegance, simplicity and class to the room. Black and white decor can complement a variety of styles, from modern to cottage. If you would like, add a few pops of color towards the room along with the black and white, like a yellow vase or a red lamp.

Space on the floor

In a living room are a number of flooring options that may tie into a black and white living room. A white wood floor, when put into a space with white furniture and black cushions, constitutes a room take on a light, airy feel. A dark wood floor adds a commercial element to the room when combined with proper furnishings. If painting the ground isn’t an option, consider rugs in a distinctive shape or pattern. To have an inviting, homey living room space, a luxurious, pure white carpet will the trick. However, consider the fact that it’s difficult to keep clean.


A full time income room that’s entirely monochrome makes a bold statement to people who enter. If you’re going full-scale with this decorating scheme, keep your style of the furniture consistent to drag the room together. For example, a contemporary, black leather couch looks strange combined with a white, wicker chair. But that very same couch next to a chic, oversize white leather beanbag works because of their complementing styles. Solid furniture colors bring about a modern look while using monochrome prints on upholstery provides a vintage feel to the space.


Painting all your walls stark black can produce a living room look smaller and far darker than it is, so consider painting one wall black being an accent for the room. Paint the rest of the walls stark white with white trim. You might paint the walls with monochrome stripes or choose wallpaper having a black and white pattern.


Proper accessories inside a living room can make the difference from a dull, boring space as well as an attention-grabbing area. You can use a black and white theme for accent pieces in several ways. A simple idea, for example framing artistically-shot black and white photographs and placing them in black wood frames with white matting, goes quite a distance towards making a statement inside your living room. When you have white walls and black accessories, like a stone sculpture or glass vase, come out in high contrast. If you are placing the accessories on the shelf, make it one of the opposite colors therefore the objects stand out. White on black or white on black tend to merge too much with each other.

Romantic Bedroom Decoration Ideas

Bedrooms define a person’s or couple’s personality, as each one has different choices in color and furniture. Some like it cozy and comfortable while some enjoy having it classy and stylish. Regardless of what your choice is, the bedroom needs to be the prettiest room in anyone’s home. Everyone loves to personalize it with pictures and plants that provide it an even more decorative look. Using a beautiful view from the bedroom is everyone’s choice so it can have large life sized windows or doors which open in to the balconies or patios. The view helps make the room more romantic. Wouldn’t you want to have breakfast in bed together with your sweetheart under a cozy sheet just watching the sunrise?

Romantic Suggestions for Bedroom Decor

There are so many methods for you to decorate your bedrooms and provide it a personalized touch. You have to make the bedroom as cozy as possible to make it romantic and comfortable. Given here are ideas for some color schemes and fashions you can use to make your bedroom a good option to spend some couple of time together.

Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas


Make use of the right colors. Consider the utilization of soft pastels such as pinks, light blues and lavenders. Paint the walls a shade of antique rose, sky blue or lilac. Other colors may bring a feel of romance too. Use a peach and gold color scheme. Paint the walls white. Wash a glaze along with silky soft pale apricot. Layer on another coat of glaze inside a soft gold to make the walls glow. If softer colors don’t appeal to you, go bold. Paint the walls a red to call to mind sensuous lipstick and old Hollywood glamour.

The best Lighting

Pick appropriate lighting. Lighting might help set a mood. Avoid lighting that’s harsh and unflattering, for example track lighting or florescent lights. Fill corners with uplights that cast pleasant shadows around the walls. Set candles of various heights that complement the colours of the room. Place them on side tables and armoires. Consider purchasing Tiffany-style lamps for primary lighting for the room. Give existing lamps a subtle glow by draping the lampshades with rows of beading. Cover the top shades with a thin shawl.


Use fabric. Drape huge velvet canopy over the top of the four-poster bed. Add sheer fabric underneath to show it into an airy room-within-a-room refuge. Wrap silk scarves within the tops of windows for everyone as curtains. Add a thicker layer of material over the curtains in a heavier material for example brocade to give a soignée look to the windows. Make use of a thick down comforter with a floral duvet. Place silky satin sheets around the bed. Add plump pillows engrossed in silk pillowcases on top of the bed.


Generate additional details. Place a vase full of flowers on top of a dresser. Hang a thick bathrobe along the side of the door. Scatter heavy rugs on the ground. Use doorknobs and cabinet pulls the same shape as flowers.

Easy Low Cost Home Decoration Tips

Many people have the dream to possess a home which should look totally different from other people house. However, many people do not know how to make this possible. They don’t know how to make this dream a real possibility. This may be because of the limited budget they ordinarily have or can afford to. Should you come under the same category then it’s time for you to be glad as interior designing originates out with something great that may fulfill your dreams. You are able to decorate your house with some simple tips and may make your house a unique one amongst the houses which your friends along with other relatives have. So now it’s time for you to cheer up and to start redesigning your home by using the tips. Here are some easy and low cost tips which you can consider while re designing your home on a budget:


Painting walls is among the best ways to change the look of your property completely. This would be of low quality. You just have to spend only few rupees to color every room. Select decent colors that you simply like the most. Go for lighter shades. You may also opt of natural shades because they are also popular nowadays. It’s advised to first check some samples prior to actually painting the walls. Choose paints which most closely fits with the functionality of the room. Like light shades for Bedroom and kitchen and lightweight shares with accent of bright colors in family room.


Place rug to hide those strains which you find difficult to remove. Buying new rugs could be an expensive task. It is better to look for shops that sell older rugs. You are able to cut them according to your need and may scatter them in your house. This could make your house look beautiful.


if you’re good in making any painting or perhaps an art then it is the best time to apply your creativity. Buying paintings and posterns is definitely an expensive project. Create a skill work and hang ir around the centre of the wall. However, if you’re not a good painter then do not need to to worry. You can frame your old photographs along with other painting items and can hang them around the walls.

Take out existing pieces

It’s time for you to dig out existing pieces of decoration you have from your store room. Remove them and then try creating something unusual together. It will take time but I am certain that you will definitely come out with something different. You are able to take the help of internet or magazine to obtain some creative ideas

Add cushions

You are able to give your home a different look by utilizing cushions. It is not necessary that you should have cushions of same size, color or material. You may create a good combination of pillows and may place them on divan in your family room. This will look good and will not be costly as well.


Add curtains which most closely fits your interior. You can also hang blinds or colorful drapes to provide your room a pleasing look.


Place scented candles within the room. They are inexpensive but are extremely effective in creating a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.


Lighting are among the important additions. It creates a dramatic effect inside the room. Lighting should be positioned correctly. Lighting fixture can be found in low cost home decoration  as well however bear in mind the quality aspects before buying them. You’ll have a trail lighting all over the room and may highlight picture on the wall with picture lighting. This gives a beautiful effect to the family room.


Generate fresh green plants and herbs within the room to give a fresh look to your house. You can add flowers in the vase and may place them on the center or perhaps a side table.

African Decor and Decorating

If you’re of African or African-American descent or just love the colors and styles of African interior decor, chances are you’ve been looking for a few pieces to increase a room in your home. There are a number of decorative accents to select from for any area in the house which will suit your tastes and preferences.


To brighten the wall with African living room decor, things like wood-carved masks and framed prints by African artists are perfect. If you want to adorn the dinning table or a coffee table, choose things like an authentic woven basket full of African lilies. You can also choose different kinds of African-inspired lamps to serve as the decorative pieces within the room; lampshades with African print or lamps having a post shaped like an African symbol will stick out in your African-themed room.


To celebrate your African heritage, you will want some artistic pieces in your house that are also of special significance. For example, if your family belongs to the Masai tribe of Kenya, you might want to display the colorful masks worn by tribe members as paintings in your home. If you’ve discovered that your ancestors belonged towards the Zulu tribe, you can display a Zulu spear or shield inside a common area of your home, like the living room or den.


How big the African decor you select should be consistent with the size of the area or space you’re decorating. For example, if you don’t have much wall space within the living room, use a throw blanket in Pan-African colors for sofa or chair. For those who have more space to work with, position a tall African vase in the primary corner of the room or enlarge and frame an excellent photo displaying an African village to adorn a wall.

Small Backyard Landscaping Designs

If you thought that landscaping and designing was just meant for long sprawling backyards, then you’re wrong. Small backyards could be just as beautifully or perhaps much more beautifully designed to create a pleasant space for you personally and your family. If you have a small backyard that you simply want to renovate and transform right into a useful and pleasant space mounted on your home sweet home, then listed here are few useful tips on small backyard landscaping designs, that might help you. Just take your pick and help your backyard area into a useful space for you personally and your family.

Finalizing the Backyard Design

Before you decide to set out to pick a theme for the backyard it is very important to first let you know about the things that you will need to do before choosing the theme. Most of the time, since backyards aren’t frequently used for any specific purpose, everyday trash or junk in the house is dumped into the backyard. To begin with, you need to get rid of piles of trash or junk that lie inside your backyard. Having done that, if there are plants in the backyard, you have to decide whether it will go using the theme that you pick for your backyard.

When the plants and vegetation appear too shabby or unattended to, then it’s always better to get rid of it and begin from scratch. After cleaning out your backyard, you have to think of three important factors which is instrumental in picking the look – the purpose for which you desire to use your backyard, the style or theme that you simply want to incorporate and third and also the most important point is the budget that you’re planning to go with.

Backyard Ideas for Small Spaces

There’s a lot you can do to turn an ordinary spread of space into something you will be proud of upon transformation. A little backyard is not only easy to often, but ideal for the upcoming tips to spruce it up. Let’s take a glance at what you can do with your drab backyard.

Your Private Zen Zone

Backyards are an advantageous spot, as being a quiet place away from the hubbub of city streets. Setup your backyard to take on the feel of a meditative center, at an office, where the air is fresh and also the silence is welcoming. You are able to mow your lawn first and obtain rid of grass that’s gone wide, abandoning a workable area. Setup yoga mats, an exercise ball, or perhaps a couple of easy-to-move around exercise gear, which you can use whenever you feel the need to work up a sweat, or practice yoga/meditate.

Inflatable Pool for the children

You get these in all types of sizes to fit into your backyard. In line with the dimensions of your backyard, have an inflatable pool that is the perfect size, so that it doesn’t occupy too much space or enter anyone’s way. Kids nowadays should be encouraged to get out there and take in some sun, as well as make a move active than just while away hours while watching television. They can always invite friends over, or even the family could do something fun outside for a change.

Outdoor Kitchen or Barbecue

Backyard spaces can certainly accommodate a mini kitchen, for individuals who prefer cooking in open-air spaces. You could bring out your pots and pans when needed, and keep food stored in the pantry pre and post you cook. You could generate a barbecue station in your backyard, filled with picnic chairs and a table. Arrange all things in a way that suits your taste, in which the tables should be a little remote from the barbecue grill to avoid fumes and also the heat. It can be quite the setting to prepare outdoors, instead of being holed up indoors. Experiment with different sorts of seating arrangements from stone-made ensembles and folding chairs, to wicker-made furniture and wood finished sets.

Leisure at Its Best

Within our fast-paced lives that need a desperate brake pedal to prevent us every now and then, leisure not just takes the backseat, however the trunk. Lawn chairs, swings, and enormous bean bags can be set up in your backyard, where one can while away your Sunday reading, doing loved ones, sharing a drink together with your partner, getting some shuteye, or sprawling out for any nice tan. On days once the sun’s too harsh, put up a large umbrella big enough to cover the seating spot, to shade you/others in the light. This would come in handy on rainy days too.

Gardening/Growing Your personal Produce

Not a lot of people are keen to develop fruits/vegetables, being either lazy or otherwise adventurous enough to try new things. With organic food being expensive, and health experts stressing how obesity is going to kill all of us one day, fresh produce certainly is the way to go. Take the time to do your backyard and plant a number of fruits/vegetables depending on the season. Watch the way they grow and take form, because this is sure to push you to continue. Gardening is really a beautiful, healthful, and relaxing way of spending your weekend, or a tiring next day of work.